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Kanglim and Ridecell Partner to Create IoT Automation and Mobility Platform for Industrial Vehicles

| July 20, 2021

Transform specialized industrial vehicles – including  cranes, fire trucks, electrical work vehicles, aerial platforms, military and police equipment, and pump vehicles

 Kanglim Co, Ltd, the 40 year-old global leader in specialty industrial vehicles, announced a strategic alliance with Ridecell Inc., the leading platform powering digital transformations and IoT automation for fleet-driven businesses. Ridecell will collaborate with Kanglim to develop an IoT automation and mobility platform for specialty industrial vehicle fleets. Kanglim’s vehicles include industrial cranes, fire trucks, electrical work vehicles, aerial platforms, military and police equipment, and pump vehicles. Ridecell’s Fleet IoT platform will transform Kanglim’s specialty vehicles into the world’s first connected and smart industrial vehicle fleet.

“Specialty vehicles are often delivering essential services, such as electricity repair, military or fire containment,” said Dr. Seuk-Kyung Sung, Vice Chairman and CEO of Kanglim. “Automating maintenance requirements to minimize downtime is mission critical. Our digital network and the Ridecell automation and mobility platform lets our customers maximize their investment in Kanglim vehicles and keep essential infrastructure running.”

Kanglim is an industry leader in embracing technology. They were one of the first to deliver a fleet of fully connected industrial vehicles. Their connectivity and remote monitoring combined with Ridecell’s Fleet IoT platform will offer an industry breakthrough in automation of key functions such as maintenance and scheduling.

“Kanglim and Ridecell share a similar vision of a future where fleets composed of industrial specialty vehicles are achieving unparalleled utilization and uptime,” said Aarjav Trivedi, founder and CEO of Ridecell. “Our tailored automation and mobility platform provides built-in connectivity and out-of-the-box efficiency that keeps Kanglim’s vital fleet on the road. Digital transformation for specialty vehicles is the perfect use for the Ridecell Fleet IoT automation and mobility platform, and we look forward to working with Kanglim.”

In addition to the strategic alliance, Kanglim is also now an investor in Ridecell. The two companies will continue to collaborate on long-term innovations for the industry.

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