| October 14, 2021

Collaboration Will Yield Improved Speed Control and Fuel Efficiency

Locomation, a leading provider of autonomous truck technology solutions, today announced a comprehensive collaboration with leading powertrain manufacturer Cummins, Inc. for joint testing and integration of Cummins Powertrain Systems in trucks equipped with Locomation’s autonomous driving technology. 

“Cummins is a major name in the commercial vehicle industry and we are delighted to work together on making Locomation’s autonomous trucking technology more efficient while ensuring safety,” said Dr. Çetin Meriçli, Locomation’s co-founder and CEO. “This will enable carriers that use trucks equipped with our technology to reduce their operating costs and will eliminate more than 60 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually for each tractor.”

Locomation is on a mission to re-engineer the world’s supply chain for autonomy, beginning with a portfolio of autonomous truck technology, each equipped with the Cummins ADS Powertrain System. Locomation’s proprietary autonomy software, when integrated with the firmware running on the ADS Powertrain System, will enable optimized and more precise powertrain control that will result in increased fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. Locomation estimates that through this relationship with Cummins, its autonomous truck design will reduce fuel consumption per truck by 10%.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Locomation to develop and test the Cummins powertrain control system integration with their autonomous trucking technology,” said J Michael Taylor, Cummins General Manager Global Powertrain Integration. “This collaboration will provide Locomation with access to the resources required to commercialize its autonomous products using Cummins’ proprietary systems and components and provide Cummins with valuable feedback for future product improvements.”

Locomation is aiming to deploy its first product line, Autonomous Relay Convoy™ in late 2022, starting with Wilson Logistics and following with PGT Trucking to fulfill the contracts for a total of 2,120 trucks between the first two commercial customers.

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