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Lytx Delivers Improved Driver Engagement for Bacton Transport With AI-powered Video Telematics

| April 1, 2021

Video telematics solution gets the seal of approval from drivers

 Lytx®, a leading provider of machine vision and artificial intelligence-powered (MV+AI) video telematics for commercial fleets, today announced that Bacton Transport has implemented Lytx technology to help improve driver safety and performance. The new system will identify risky behaviour, improve training and reduce insurance claims.  

Bacton Transport Services is a third-generation, family-owned business with almost 90 years’ experience. With more than 140 employees, the company provides general and dedicated road transport and distribution services to businesses across the UK. 

The business has implemented Lytx’s Driver Safety Programme, which harnesses MV+AI-powered video telematics to provide unrivalled fleet safety, productivity and cost savings. This sophisticated technology will help Bacton Transport reduce risk by identifying distracted and risky driving behaviours not triggered by a G-force including mobile phone use, smoking, eating or drinking while driving, as well as the driver not wearing a seatbelt.

Bacton Transport trialled a handful of suppliers but ultimately decided to implement Lytx due to its ability to engage drivers and help in the delivery of personalised coaching designed to help improve behaviours and create an enhanced safety culture.

Nick Newman, general manager of fleet at Bacton Transport said: ‘‘‘We chose the Lytx system to enforce driver engagement and enable a method of risk management that makes coaching and training drivers our top priority.’’

Buy-in from drivers has been incredibly positive, with Bacton Transport using actionable insights gathered from Lytx to feed its driver recognition and reward programme.

Previously a driver himself, Anthony Stevens, operations compliance manager at Bacton Transport, works closely with the company’s 110 drivers. “We know from Employee Engagement Surveys how much our drivers are looking for better feedback and communication all the time. The response from them to Lytx has been overwhelmingly positive! Driver engagement like this is definitely the reason why we chose Lytx over the competition. For what was initially ‘just a camera,’ it has exceeded all our expectations – I cannot recommend Lytx enough!’’

Actionable data

Lytx’s sophisticated machine vision and artificial intelligence is able to identify which data and video events require further inspection by Lytx’s professional analysts. Only the most relevant data and video is then sent to Bacton Transport for review and use in driver coaching. This, combined with the ability to retrieve footage in a matter of seconds is helping the organisation to make better decisions, more quickly – and driving performance is improving across the fleet as a result. 

The guarantee of reliable, easy-to-view video clips was a key aspect of the solution for Bacton Transport. The company had previously identified raising driving standards and saving on fleet costs through lower damage costs and reduced accidents as a key priority across all its operations. 

Previous in-cab camera systems used by Bacton Transport had proved unpredictable as they depended on SD cards which were unreliable or faulty. “We were frequently unable to follow up on incidents where the footage was lost or missing, which was frustrating for everyone and costing us time and money” said Anthony.

Reduced insurance claims

In a first for the company, Bacton Transport has integrated Lytx’s technology with insurers to provide them with complete visibility and live, real-time footage on a daily basis.

‘‘We had an instance where one of our vehicles was in collision with a van,’’ said Anthony. ‘‘With Lytx’s solution, we had the footage to show the accident was not our fault and the claim was negated immediately – no solicitors, no lengthy claims process, no delays. It was the best result for us, our insurers and the third party.’’

Lytx is also helping Bacton Transport to comply with the increased safety standards required of operators today. At Isle of Sheppey, where the company operates a retail contract with a leading grocer, Lytx recently provided and installed a full multi-camera solution with industry leading sensors to the fleet to comply with DVS standards effective April 1, 2021.

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