Malca-Amit Makes Secured Logistics Environmentally Friendly Together with Roshel

| June 4, 2021

Malca-Amit has successfully deployed the first batch of Hino hybrid medium duty trucks armored by  Roshel Smart Armored Vehicles

Malca-Amit Group of Companies, a world leading provider of secure logistics solutions, announced that it has  successfully deployed its new armored fleet of next generation low emission vehicles based  on Hino 195h upfitted by Roshel Smart  Armored Vehicles, North America’s leading  manufacturer of innovative cash-in-transit  vehicles. The eco-friendly fleet is a part of the  Malca-Amit “Go Green” initiative targeted at  mitigating environmental impact and reducing carbon footprint.

“Shifting to environmentally friendly vehicles is our input into making the world a better place. Along with  providing the highest standards of safety and security, meeting environmental and sustainability targets is  our key priority. We believe that secured and smart hybrid and electric armored vehicles fleet built by  Roshel is an effective means of meeting these targets, said Amit Eytan, President and Chairman of the  Board, Malca-Amit Group of Companies.  

This new batch of vehicles is based on the Hino 195h chassis which utilizes advanced diesel-electric  hybrid technology and Hino’s proven Selective Catalytic Reduction System to achieve major  improvements in both fuel economy and engine exhaust emissions. The vehicles are armored with light weight innovative materials to provide an optimal ratio between the level of protection and payload. For  enhanced visibility and road safety the vehicles are equipped with OEM-shaped curved ballistic glass.  

Roshel has upgraded the vehicles with smart capabilities and connected technologies such as the  advanced access control system, encrypted communication with the dispatch centre, 360-degree video  surveillance, and others. “These smart innovative features provide our crews with enhanced safety  allowing us to ensure secured and smooth delivery of precious goods and valuable assets anywhere in  the world”, added Amit Eytan. 

“Transition to green corporate fleets and sustainable fleet management is happening in all sectors,  including the cash-in-transit industry. It’s great to be at the cutting edge of innovations together with the  customers like Malca-Amit who are committed to lead the industry and reduce its environmental impact along with increasing its security,” said Roman Shimonov, CEO, Roshel Smart Armored Vehicles. “At  Roshel we develop innovative cash-in-transit solutions which meet and exceed both environmental and  security requirements of our clients. Nowadays, in the era of emerging technologies, it’s especially  important to mitigate new safety threats by providing a connected suite of security capabilities”.  

To take sustainable fleet development of secured logistics providers to the next level Roshel has been  working on fully electric vehicles providing sufficient range for efficient operations.  

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