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New Management Solution for Small Fleets

| November 28, 2017

Small Fleet

The expense and time associated with managing a small fleet just got easier with a new offering.

Here’s what’s at play:  According to Mike Rosenbaum, Innovation Manager for RepairMatch.co, “Fleet maintenance can often be a burden, particularly for companies whose focus is not on transport. It’s this burden that our team looks to relieve every day.”

He continued, “By serving as proxy fleet managers for these small businesses, we get to do what we love so they can focus on what they love: Making their customers happy through delivering quality service.”

RepairMatch.co is geared for small businesses, providing a range of services from online booking to full service fleet management if needed. The program starts at CAD $29 per month per vehicle and includes basic oil changes, tire changes and rotations, and air filters. Plans can be customized to suit the specific needs of the manager; fees are monthly with no commitment, but annual plans are also offered at deeper discounts.While major transport companies either have their own in-house maintenance divisions, or enjoy massive volume discounts, for the small business owner with five to fifteen vehicles, maintenance can take a huge toll on smaller operations budgets. RepairMatch.co is working to fill in this gap for small fleet managers with convenient regular maintenance and discounts on one-off repairs.

The program is currently running in Toronto, with plans for expansion across North America.

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