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New Overload Monitoring System Helps Truck and Van Operators

| February 25, 2021

Avoid Costly Fines and Maximize Legal Loads of Commercial Vehicles

Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (NYSE: VPG), today announced the North American launch of its LoadPro® on-vehicle overload monitoring and load optimization system that offers truck/van owners and drivers a low-cost solution to maximize the legal loads of their vehicles and avoid overloading fines and related expenses.

The LoadPro® family of cost-efficient axle overload monitoring solutions provide drivers with real-time visual and audible indication of vehicle overloading. LoadPro® is the only system of its kind to use solid-state sensors and electronics, which means no moving parts and no wear and tear or slipping out of calibration, no matter how harsh the working conditions.

“Overweight trucks and vans not only pose a greater risk of accidents, but can cost trucking companies, freight haulers, and commercial operators thousands of dollars in fines and increased insurance costs as well as put driver licenses at risk,” said Steve Myers, Sales Manager for LoadPro®. “Using a ‘fit and forget’ solution like the LoadPro®, which is low-cost and requires no-welding or re-calibration, can help truck operators increase their efficiency by maximizing their legal loads while minimizing risk of fines and increasing safety.”

LoadPro®’s patented sensors are robust, precise, fast, and provide reliable results. LoadPro can be deployed on mechanical suspensions, air suspensions, or a combination of the two, and is equally effective on all vehicle sizes and constructions. The system is easy to install by in-house personnel, or one of LoadPro’s distributors, without welding or fabrication, or any special tools. Due to its technology, no recalibration is required. The load is displayed to the vehicle operator using visual and audible alarms that are triggered if the legal maximum load for each axle, axle group, gross vehicle weight, and trailers are reached. LoadPro also supports modern telematics output to third-party GPS and fleet systems.

LoadPro is offered in two versions: the LoadPro 1430, which is designed for 2-axle vehicles such as vans and utility vehicles and features a dash mounted color touch screen, and the LoadPro 1160, which is specifically suitable for 2+ axle vehicles and tractor/trailer combinations and features an option for either a dash mounted or DIN rail electronic indicator.

With 35,000+ systems installed worldwide, LoadPro’ proven solution is now available in the USA and Canada and offers several features including:

  • Accuracy ±2.5% (90 – 100% of GVW)
  • Simple to operate
  • No driver input required
  • Simple installation and calibration
  • No moving parts, no slipping out of calibration
  • Lightweight, rugged
  • Displays Gross vehicle weight (GVW in lb and %)
  • Displays axles loading weight (lb and %)
  • Serial interface to GPS and telematics
  • Balanced load distribution
  • Maximize payload capacity
  • Printer option available

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