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New Pirelli Brands Premium Tire for Long Haul Drive Market

| June 13, 2017

New Pirelli Brands Premium Tire for Long Haul Drive Market

Pirelli has launched Pentathlon D, its first tire in the Pentathlon product family, one dedicated to premium long haul drive applications in North America.

After a successful pilot phase of extensive testing, research and development, Pentathlon D is one of the latest tires to launch from TP Commercial Solutions, an entity of the Pirelli Brand of Radial Truck Tires, Agricultural Tires and Off-The Road Tires in the US and Canada.

Featuring the most advanced Pirelli technology, tailored to the North American market, Pentathlon D is engineered to provide fleets extremely high mileage, and fuel savings, and low emission benefits as a SmartWay verified tire with EcoImpact features.

As the Pentathlon name connotes, this tire has five distinct areas that distinguish it:

1.  High mileage – a dual layer tread compound is incorporated into the design for long lasting performance;

2. Energy efficiency – achieved via a specialized undertread compound to provide lower rolling resistance, and therefore lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions;

3.  Even wear – an optimized pattern geometry and 3SB belt evolution ensures durable, even wear;

4.  High traction – a directional tread pattern for excellent grip on wet and dry;

5.  High retreadability – Pirelli’s patented Spiral Advanced Technology for Truck (SATT) technology, combined with Hexa Bead Wire delivers the ultimate retreadability.

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