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New Route Planning Software from WorkWave

| December 15, 2017


WorkWave, a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for the field service, last-mile delivery and logistics industries has announced the release of the 2018 Buyer’s Guide to Route Planning Software.

Here’s the need: It’s easy for businesses to get stuck in the same routine by manually planning routes. This not only costs businesses a significant amount of money in fuel and other inefficiencies but also an extensive amount of lost productivity in terms of time allocation.

Investing in route planning software can dramatically improve business operations and profitability. In fact, according to a survey of business owners, fleet operators and general managers implementing a fleet management system boosted productivity by 76% and improved routing by 63%.

This Buyer’s Guide will help businesses understand the power and importance of route planning software, how it can help their business succeed and define what an optimal tool looks like. It will also help them prepare a strategy with quick tips, best practices, and checklists.

“Many fleet owners recognize the challenges associated with route planning and scheduling, but don’t know where to start,” said Mike Profit, Senior Vice President of Product Development at WorkWave. “We created the 2018 Buyer’s Guide to Route Planning Software to help these leaders build an effective strategy for using technology to optimize their business operations.”

The Route Planning Software Buyer’s Guide also helps define the steps towards choosing the right vendor, including how to review business processes, define business goals and prepare for product demonstrations.


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