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How to Optimize Utilization of 700 Flatbed Trailers

| October 26, 2017


Spireon, Inc., a leader in connected vehicle intelligence solutions, has announced that J. Grady Randolph, Inc., one of the largest flatbed fleets specializing in prestressed concrete in the U.S., has adopted the company’s FleetLocate asset management solution in order to optimize utilization of its 700 trailers.

Here’s the reub: Trailers remaining idle and unused at customer locations for extended periods of time were resulting in significant, unnecessary costs and wasted time. Finding trailers that need maintenance or inspections was a challenge for the maintenance team.

With Spireon’s FleetLocate, J. Grady Randolph’s fleet managers now can identify and reallocate trailers not in use, avoiding the capital expense of buying new equipment to meet phantom demand. The company’s maintenance team can receive instant alerts when a trailer is ready for service. In addition to reducing tractor-to-trailer ratios, FleetLocate enables a significant reduction in the time it takes for drivers and dispatchers to locate trailers—in the yard or at a customer location—and get back on the road, directly impacting the company’s bottom line.

A family-owned company founded more than 80 years ago with a single truck, J. Grady Randolph currently operates in 48 U.S. and Canada.

“With Spireon, we felt like we weren’t just buying a trailer tracking solution—we’re partnering with experienced industry professionals who understand our business and the challenges we face, and offer support and guidance to maximize the return on our investment,” said Ted Payne, Director of Operations at J. Grady Randolph. “FleetLocate gives us the actionable insights needed to run an efficient and profitable company.”

Spireon’s installation method allows hardware to be installed very quickly, enabling J. Grady Randolph trailers to stay on the road and continue generating revenue.

Additionally, FleetLocate’s flexible design and seamless integration with McLeod Software dispatch system ensures the company’s drivers and assets can be viewed through one single user interface. The company’s operations team can now receive instant alerts when a trailer is ready for service, and share with drivers the exact GPS location—minimizing time and mileage searching for trailers.

“Our customers own and operate expensive equipment, which becomes even more costly if left unused or underused,” said Roni Taylor, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development – Fleet and Asset at Spireon. “We’re thrilled that J. Grady Randolph chose Spireon to help streamline operational efficiency through improved trailer utilization, and we look forward to working closely with this proud, third-generation management team to build even greater success through the use of powerful analytics and world-class technology.”

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