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Ouster Lidar Enables Ike’s Automated Trucking

| October 31, 2019

Ouster OS1 lidar sensor an integral component of Ike commercial trucking platform

Ouster provider of high-resolution lidar sensors for autonomous vehicles, robotics, security, and mapping, has been selected by Ike as a primary lidar supplier to bring safe, reliable automated trucking to market.

Ouster and Ike share a commitment to commercializing safe, impactful technology by focusing on practically-minded product development. For automated trucking applications, the Ouster OS1 is ideally suited to withstand the rigors of on-road deployment with its robust shock, vibration, and environmental ingress specifications that ensure the highest level of accuracy, reliability and resolution.

“Commercialization of advanced technology like lidar will not happen without transparency between suppliers and customers,” says Angus Pacala, co-founder and CEO of Ouster. “We’ve been impressed with the Ike team, their diligence during evaluation, and helpful feedback as they incorporate our products into their platform. We’re looking forward to growing Ouster deployments in the commercial trucking market.”

The recent release of Ike’s Voluntary Safety Self-Assessment is a crucial step in bringing automated trucking technology to market, with a high level of detail and transparency across product development, engineering, and operations. This includes a high-performance sensor architecture at its core, with the Ouster OS1 serving as a fundamental element in its perception system.

“Ike has strict, rigorous requirements for the sensors that feed our automation system,” says Nancy Sun, Co-Founder and Chief Engineer of Ike. “Our systems engineering team evaluated the OS1 against a number of other options and concluded that it meets or exceeds those requirements. That’s why our development prototypes are equipped with OS1s today and we look forward to working with Ouster as automated vehicles approach commercial viability in the coming years.”

Prototype trucks equipped with the Ouster OS1 currently are undergoing testing as Ike continues to develop its automated trucking platform.

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