Partnership With WeatherOptics Brings Actionable Insights to CLI Customers

| May 25, 2023

Carrier Logistics Inc. is enabling customers to improve efficiency by proactively addressing potential weather-related delays

Carrier Logistics Inc. (CLI), freight management software for Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) fleets, announced a partnership with WeatherOptics, a leading weather intelligence platform that translates weather data into actionable insights for transportation companies.

“With the information provided by WeatherOptics, our customers will be able to get in front of potential weather-related delays,” said Ben Wiesen, president of CLI. “That capability for predictive planning, adjusting ETA predictions, re-routing drivers, and alerting customers when plans need to change can go a long way toward lowering costs, boosting productivity, enhancing safety, and improving customer satisfaction. We’re pleased to have WeatherOptics join our growing list of partners.”

CLI is currently developing a tool kit to allow its customers to pull information from WeatherOptics into their FACTS software.  The following scenarios are examples of how this new information could help a carrier with their freight deliveries:

·      A shipper is filling out a Bill of Lading online. Today, the system gives them an expected delivery date based on the capabilities of the carrier. With WeatherOptics, they will also be alerted if there is a likely disruption due to a storm.

·      A shipper or customer service rep is tracking shipments, which are not yet delivered. Rather than just showing the expected delivery date, FACTS can display anticipated disruptions based on information from WeatherOptics.

·      An operations manager is monitoring linehaul and over-the-road dispatches. WeatherOptics can tell that manager if any trips are likely to be impacted by weather, and the manager can proactively work with the driver to decide the best alternative.

According to WeatherOptics, the transportation and logistics industry loses billions of vehicle hours and dollars every year due to weather delays, and a quarter of all trucking accidents are due to weather-related issues. A significant amount of those losses can be avoided by understanding the weather along each part of a route and knowing where to expect slowdowns.

“CLI has a clear goal in mind for integrating weather insights and delay information with their technology, and they’re making it straightforward and easy for us to bring our solution to their customers,” said Scott Pecoriello, founder & CEO of WeatherOptics. “The fit between our technologies was very apparent because we share the goal of helping transportation companies operate more efficiently and effectively.”

Carrier Logistics FACTS™ is the premier solution for meeting the unique transportation and freight management needs of asset-based LTL carriers and the last mile industry. FACTS includes online customer shipping tools, dispatch and driver management, a superior rate engine, cross dock management, and a full back-office suite that give transportation professionals the tools they need to operate cost-effectively while providing improved freight visibility to their customers.

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