Shippeo Spring Platform Release Reveals All-new Parcel Tracking, Advanced Carbon Emissions Monitoring Features, and Enhanced Container Tracking Data Quality

| April 23, 2024

Carbon Visibility solution now offers users powerful new ways to interact with, analyze, and monitor the quality of CO2 emissions data

Shippeo, a leading provider of multimodal shipment visibility, announced their Spring 2024 Platform release, introducing over 70 new features and enhancements, including a new parcel tracking solution rebuilt from the ground up, as well as improvements to road, ocean container, and carbon emissions tracking, along with significant user experience improvements.

I’m thrilled to announce that our latest Spring platform release is available to customers from today,” says Chief Product Officer, Anand Medepalli. “Our entirely rebuilt parcel tracking solution that we’re releasing today is market-leading. Reengineered from the ground up, Parcel Visibility offers enhanced scalability to support our continued expansion into North America and APAC, where we are seeing significant appetite for a simpler, more convenient tool that delivers the high data quality and reliability that shippers and freight forwarders demand in this rapidly changing and competitive market. In addition, we’re taking the carbon footprint measurement capabilities for users even further with new Carbon Visibility features, while bringing a number of new features and enhancements to our Road and Ocean Visibility solutions.

All-new parcel tracking solution to boost customer experience

A newly imagined, simple and convenient parcel tracking solution helps shippers and freight forwarders boost customer experience while accelerating invoicing. With more granular visibility into parcel shipment milestones, recipients have greater oversight of where their shipments are, when they will arrive, while offering shippers easier identification of incomplete delivery root causes. Key features include:

  • 360 degree event tracking coverage available after booking, for all major parcel carriers and all in one platform
  • Tracking links and customer portals provide recipients with detailed parcel journey information, in client’s own branding
  • Aggregated delivery timestamps for users, enabling easy sharing, faster invoicing and optimized cash flow
  • On-time In-full performance insights to help users assess carrier performance

Advanced, accurate carbon emissions reporting capabilities enabling targeted reductions

Organizations are increasingly required to measure scope 3 carbon emissions, to comply with rapidly evolving regulations, as a result of stakeholder or customer pressure, or simply to measure progress towards reaching carbon neutrality goals. As a result, carbon emissions reporting continues to rise up the priority list for supply chain management, and shippers in general. Shippeo’s latest Spring Release brings new capabilities to the platform’s GLEC framework-accredited Carbon Visibility solution, making calculations more accurate across all transport modes, and offering powerful insights needed to enable targeted emissions reductions.

  • Ocean Carrier Intermodal calculations: Ocean container transport carbon calculations now take into account pre and/or post carriage legs when booked end to end with an ocean carrier, simplifying data collection for a more comprehensive picture of environmental impact, while identifying the most carbon-intensive, and potentially most expensive, legs for door-to-door shipments
  • Insetting support: Shippers can now override the default fuel type for truck loads and ocean containers, and select from biofuel and electricity fuel types, to account for lower emissions levels achieved through insetting agreements with road or ocean carriers
  • Data completeness dashboards: After launching the same feature for Ocean Visibility users last November, Road Visibility users can now also access a scorecard detailing how complete road shipment data is, identifying missing data, such as weight, truck size, fuel type, and more, to help users take steps to improve calculation accuracy

Further features for Road and Ocean Visibility enhancing user experience, predictive ETA performance, and data quality

The platform update will also introduce new features and enhancements to the Road and Ocean Visibility solutions, including:

  • All-new Homepage: An entirely new and fully customizable homepage is coming for all users (including carriers), making it possible to drag and drop widgets and configure their own control center, KPIs and visualize all of their most important action items in one place. Metrics for shipments in various stages can be viewed at a glance, for easier identification and management of deliveries at risk
  • Long-distance shipment ETA: Shippeo’s accuracy SLA-backed predictive ETA has been enhanced for full truckload shipments where journey times are two or more days, with accuracy increasing by as much as 70%
  • Container Journey identification: Enhanced logic improves identification of container journey boundaries, offering greater data quality when operational processes are more complex and data received from ocean carriers via EDI 315 messages is incomplete

New Developer Portal for more autonomous API integrations and monitoring:

A new portal offers developers a suite of tools for faster, more autonomous API integrations and interface monitoring, for both Shipper and Carrier IT teams, including:

  • Full autonomy to interface: Access clear API documentation sorted by transport mode and use-case, examples and screenshots to illustrate steps, explanations of technical language used, and detailed swaggers enabling developers to interface with little to no additional support
  • Authentication method selection: Users can choose between JWT or Oauth2 authentication methods
  • Integration health monitoring: Self-service analytics, alerts and monitoring allow customers to autonomously check logs and dashboards to monitor the health of their API interfaces and debug errors

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