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C.J. Driscoll & Associates Releases New Survey of Trucking Fleet Interest, Use and Satisfaction with Telematics

| November 1, 2019

Study Shows Growing Interest in Video-Based Solutions and Assesses Perceived Need for Smart Trailer Solutions, Predictive Analytics, and Data Security

C.J. Driscoll & Associates, a leading supplier of market research and consulting services for the telematics industry, has released a new multi-client marketing research study covering interest, use, and satisfaction of U.S. trucking fleet operators with Mobile Resource Management systems and services. The 2019-20 Survey of Trucking Fleet Operator Interest in MRM Systems and Services assesses trucking fleet operator use of AOBRDs and ELDs and satisfaction with their solution provider. The study also quantifies trucking operator use of video camera-based solutions and interest in equipping trucks with video cameras going forward. Other topics covered by the study include use of GPS fleet management systems and interest in smart trailer solutions, open platforms, predictive analytics, and improved data security.

The 2019-20 Survey of Trucking Fleet Operator Interest in MRM Systems and Services was partially funded by 17 companies, including major cellular carriers, GPS fleet management solution providers, driver behavior management system suppliers, and other leading telematics suppliers to the trucking market. This comprehensive study is based on a telephone survey of 200 U.S. trucking fleet operators including for-hire and private fleets of all sizes, ranging from owner-operators to large fleets with 1,000 or more trucks.

The study compares the use of GPS fleet management systems among fleets of different sizes. It also identifies the largest suppliers of ELDs to the trucking sector and interest of trucking fleet operators in adding additional features to basic ELD solutions. Motivations for deploying video-based solutions are examined, along with the response of drivers to inward/driver facing cameras. The most important potential failure points on trailers are identified, along with the perceived importance of 17 potential smart trailer features.

The following are among the key findings of the study:

  • Fifty-eight percent of the survey participants whose trucks are equipped with video cameras stated that they have received an insurance discount for using these cameras.
  • Among the entire sample, the smart trailer feature rated most important was tire pressure sensing and control.

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