Tango Networks’ Platform Designed to Reduce Distracted Driving

| January 24, 2018

Tango Networks

Tango Networks has introduced its Responsible Driver System (RDS) for operators of fleet and commercial vehicles, a unique mobile phone control system that is designed to reduce distracted driving risks.

The implications are significant: Drivers distracted by mobile phones cause tens of thousands of accidents every year, claiming lives and costing billions of dollars in property damage, lawsuits, and insurance claims and premium increases.

Tango Networks’ RDS gives fleet operators’IT staff direct control over driver usage of mobile phone voice, text, and data communications, based on highly flexible policies.

Using Tango Networks’ patented technology, RDS embeds enforcement of usage policies in the wireless network itself. That means drivers cannot bypass usage restrictions except in emergencies or other exceptions permitted by the company.

Tango Networks’ RDS is in use today with a major U.S. wireless operator and will soon be available via wireless operators and other partners across North America and Europe.

RDS complements “do not disturb” and other usage-blocking features on mobile phones, such as recent enhancements in Apple’s iPhone and similar features in Android phones.

“Policies can be determined by the company, based on vehicle speed, time of day, locations, and other parameters,” said Andrew Silver, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Tango Networks. “Inbound calls can be handled via specific steps that maintain safety at all times.”

For example, a fleet operator can set up RDS to reroute incoming calls to the driver’s phone to go instead to a designated live support line or voicemail. The system can send a tone to the driver’s mobile device to indicate an urgent call, which can be retrieved once the vehicle is parked.

“RDS is the only solution based in the wireless network rather than the phone, which ensures that it can’t be circumvented,” explained Silver. “That gives all the control to the fleet operator to establish anti-distracted driving policies that emphasize safety, attentiveness, and accident avoidance.”

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