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Telematics Aftermarket Vendors Face Intensified Competition in Connected Truck Solutions

| December 5, 2019

Non-traditional new market entrants and OEMs stimulate expansion of connected solution offerings, finds Frost & Sullivan

The connected trucks market is gaining traction in Brazil, with fleet companies eager to improve driver and truck performance through data acquisition. In 2018, the installed base of the connected truck market was estimated to be approximately 1 million units. By 2025, this number is expected to grow to more than 1.79 million. Today, independent telematics system providers make up more than 90% of the market, with OEMs and a small number of start-up companies making up the rest. However, this ratio is expected to change as OEMs develop their own fleet management systems.

Connected Truck Market

“OEMs will become more competitive in the market over the coming years as they develop their own fleet management systems that will come factory-installed in their vehicles,” said Ingrid Schumann, Mobility Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “In addition, start-ups are making notable strides into the market, particularly in sectors such as last-mile delivery, routing, and fleet and freight management.”

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Future of Brazilian Connected Truck Market, Forecast to 2025, analyzes developments in the telematics industry for medium and heavy commercial vehicles in Brazil and present an outlook of market growth opportunities and performance. It examines key trends, the competitive landscape, market benchmarking, competitor profiles, and growth opportunities for connected truck vendors.

“In the future, we expect OEMs to increase their market participation while offering a free trial and renewal subscription business model that is not found with aftermarket service providers,” noted Schumann. “In addition, the entry of non-traditional telematics companies into the market will stimulate the growth of connected solutions offerings.”

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