Tenstreet Announces New AI-Powered Recruiting and Navigation Features at 6th Annual User Conference 

| April 22, 2024

Tenstreet’s biggest innovations integrate smarter communication strategies and AI technology into carriers’ dashboards

Tenstreet, the leading provider of software solutions that connect drivers and carriers for every aspect of their employment relationship, announced several new features at their 2024 User Conference in Las Vegas that will further optimize driver-carrier communications and deliver measurable improvement to carrier productivity and operations.    

“We’re so proud to be sharing these 35 new capabilities, our biggest release at a user conference to date” announced CEO Tim Crawford. “We work to ensure our clients are benefitting from the latest developments in technology, and you’ll see lots of industry-first features in both the carrier dashboard and Driver Pulse starting Monday.”  

Tenstreet’s biggest innovations integrate smarter communication strategies and AI technology into carriers’ dashboards. Pulse+ is the company’s new communication platform that leverages generative AI to automate processes, freeing up recruiter time to build stronger connections while at the same time enabling instant after-hours and weekend replies to engage applicants.   

Another communication feature, pre-application messaging, lets job seekers ask carriers questions before submitting a job application, helping the driver determine if the company is a good fit and the carrier engage more quickly through AI and automation, converting conversations to full applications with less noise. If a driver’s job preferences and the carrier’s job requirements are a match in Driver Pulse, the tool will even generate an immediate connection message to indicate to both parties that they are aligned.  

New Driver Pulse geolocation features, powered by TruckMap, support new on-the-road efficiencies. Drivers can share routes with carriers, shippers, and loved ones, allowing for greater transparency around delays on the road. Location-dependent actions can be triggered based on a driver’s coordinates, like a Welcome Back message when a driver returns to the terminal to provide relevant information. Route Conditions messages, powered by Drivers Legal Plan and CSA data, warn the driver when approaching a high-traffic enforcement area. Customizable processes can also be initiated – like a message to a driver who has been at a weigh station for an extended period, encouraging them to communicate if an issue has come up at inspection. 

Other integrations added include one with Bluewire, a company that helps carriers identify gaps and vulnerabilities in compliance and defends against threats, such as reptile theory.  

These features join dozens of platform changes that leverage driver adoption of the Driver Pulse mobile app to optimize carriers’ marketing, recruiting, onboarding, safety, and efficiency efforts and use cutting-edge technology to reduce the burden of time-consuming tasks on employees, freeing them for high-value activities that help their companies succeed.    

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