Trailer Telematics Platform FleetPulse Announces Seed Funding and Carl-Christoph “CCR” Reckers Joins as CEO

| May 12, 2024

FleetPulse capitalized with $11M to focus on improving trailer safety, cargo security, and efficiency

FleetPulse, the trailer telematics solution incubated within Great Dane, launched as an independent company. FleetPulse is capitalized with $11M, including seed funding led by Four More Capital, and it has appointed former Uber Freight executive Carl-Christoph “CCR” Reckers as Chief Executive Officer.

FleetPulse’s OEM-agnostic telematics platform enables end-to-end visibility into trailer and cargo safety and security. Development on the platform started in 2017 to address Great Dane’s own need to improve trailer data insights. In working with fleet customers, many of whom operate trailers from multiple OEMs and need to digitize and leverage data across their entire trailer fleet, the need to build the technology platform as a standalone, independent company became clear. Today, FleetPulse’s innovative approach to trailer telematics and the resulting data insights are used by some of the world’s largest private fleets of Fortune 50 companies to for-hire fleets of all sizes.

Reckers previously served as Vice President of Operations at Uber Freight, where he oversaw the cloud-based freight management for midmarket customers, temperature-controlled freight, and flatbed freight as well as the drop-trailer program “Powerloop.” Prior to Uber Freight, Reckers was co-founder and CEO of the logistics technology company FR8Star.

“I’m excited to join FleetPulse at this inflection point as we scale to serve more fleet customers,” CCR said. “We have a huge opportunity ahead of us to transform the trailer from a black box to a smart and strategic asset. Building on our incredibly deep roots in the trucking industry and strong tech talent, we are uniquely positioned to create visibility into this underserved area of the supply chain and help our customer unlock the safety and efficiency improvements needed to accelerate their business.”

FleetPulse’s proprietary trailer telematics platform digitizes and creates visibility on the trailer, allowing for many trailer-related improvements in safety, reliability, cargo security, and efficiency that are unattainable with traditional, tractor-focused telematics solutions. Historically, companies have used a patchwork of homegrown or combined systems to capture trailer data, leading to a lack of visibility. FleetPulse turns the trailer into a smart asset and eliminates the need to manage multiple telematics suppliers, integrate raw sensor data, or build in-house. This streamlined approach better informs operations, maintenance, and investment decisions. Actionable insights enable fleets to be more sustainable–from savings on fuel to preventative maintenance which optimizes asset performance, ROI, and utilization long-term.

“As the first OEM to develop a smart trailer solution, Great Dane is proud of the growth achieved by FleetPulse and excited that these offerings can now be made available as part of an independent company to push the broader industry forward,” said Rick Mullininx, President and COO of Great Dane.

“FleetPulse is solving a problem that costs trailer operators millions of dollars a year and is delivering real improvements in trailer safety, security and efficiency – which are only becoming more important as we see a renewed industry focus on the trailer as a strategic asset. We’re thrilled to welcome CCR to drive progress forward,” said Dan Lewis, FleetPulse Advisor and former CEO of Convoy.

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