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Tropos Motors Debuts New Street Sweeper Electric Compact Utility Vehicle

| April 11, 2018

ABLE Sweep

Continuing to lead the street-legal, eCUV (electric compact utility vehicle) market in the United States, Tropos Motors has released the new ABLE Sweep.

The new bed package transforms the standard Tropos ABLE eCUV into a nimble electric sweeper in a market where purpose made sweepers and sweeper units mounted on pick-up trucks are too large, and smaller ride-on machines lack the performance that maintenance crews demand. Distinguishing features include a 70 percent quieter operation than conventional models, the shortest turning radius in its class, backup sweeping capabilities, an enclosed cab for year-round operation, the ability to swap bed packages within minutes, and a clean air blower for removing debris from curb line.

“The ABLE Sweep utilizes both the performance and the substantial payload capacity of the ABLE truck chassis to do the work of a full-size truck. However, in contrast, the ABLE Sweep is more maneuverable, more efficient, and produces significantly fewer emissions,” said John Bautista, CEO of Tropos Motors. “Now, cleaning crews have a sweeping vehicle that can fit into smaller spaces, produces less sound pollution and requires very little maintenance.”

With a 12.5 foot turning radius, the ABLE Sweep is ideal for tight spaces, yet still provides performance and the large payload capacity of pick-up mounted versions. The model includes a heavy-duty, polyurethane, two-yard hopper and a clean air blower, which increases operator productivity with the ability to remove debris from curb line without the need for additional equipment. Meanwhile, research reveals the blower design of the ABLE Sweep is 70 percent quieter than competitive models. Additionally, with less sound pollution, this sweeper package can be utilized in busy commercial areas without disturbing the public.

Beyond these features, the ABLE Sweep enjoys all the standard features of the ABLE chassis, including the Easy-Swap option allowing for bed packages to be swapped as needed. With an on-road payload capacity of up to 1,100 pounds (1,500 pounds off-road), 775 ft-lbs of rear wheel torque and an estimated 144 MPGe, (up to 4.3 M/KwH) the ABLE chassis is tough enough for the big jobs, yet small enough to get into tight spaces. It has a top speed of 25 mph or 35 mph as defined by local laws, or 40 mph off-road, based on customization.

“With most other eCUVs built on chassis that are too heavy, unbalanced or designed for internal combustion engines, this market is ripe for a true EV entrant like the ABLE chassis,” said Scot Harden, the Sales and Marketing Director. “It’s specially designed for electric utility vehicles and not built on a repurposed golf cart or UTV chassis. Instead, the ABLE chassis is durable, and modular workhorse and sporting automotive-grade components.”

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