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Trucker Path Enhances Freight Search and Capacity Access Capabilities and Provides Instant Digital Ability to Secure Freight

| February 12, 2021

First integration for brokers enabled by Capacity Management platform provider Parade

Trucker Path several enhancements to its TruckLoads freight search platform for carriers. Parade, the leading Capacity Management platform for freight brokers, is the first Trucker Path partner to integrate with the enhanced TruckLoads load board.

“Our TruckLoads mobile load board now gives carriers the ability to lock in capacity instantly and digitally, without the need to email or call the broker,” said Steven Lopez, vice president of business development for Trucker Path. “This eliminates the time consuming back-and-forth negotiation that is common in the spot market. We’re also giving carriers the option to verify their operating authority and insurance to foster trust and strengthen transparency in their relationships with brokers.”

By integrating its Capacity Management technology with TruckLoads, Parade can instantly provide brokers with access to Trucker Path’s pool of qualified carriers, adding a verified source of capacity for moving loads in the spot market. “With this integration, we’re partnering with Parade to empower carriers and brokers to extract more efficiency through automation,” Lopez added. “We’re excited to kick off this partnership with Parade, and the enhancements we’re bringing to our users.”

The Parade integration with TruckLoads gives carriers access to loads with book-instant or bid-on prices, allowing them to digitally and instantly secure more freight without the need to call in for rates. Those requests by verified carriers on the Trucker Path mobile app or TruckLoads Web Carriers freight search load board flow through the Parade platform to their broker customers in a seamless, fully automated process.

Launched in 2018, TruckLoads is the industry’s fastest growing mobile load board. Today, 100,000 carriers use the platform to search more than two million loads monthly. Parade, founded in 2015, provides business intelligence solutions for the transportation industry that optimize communication and decision-making, and maximize access to freight capacity for brokers and carriers.

“Our partnership with Trucker Path is another leap in enabling brokers to find capacity where carriers are doing business,” said Anthony Sutardja, CEO of Parade. “We’re excited about Trucker Path’s continued innovation and look forward to creating new and innovative carrier experiences.”

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