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TruckersForMe.com to Provide Drayage Services for all U.S. Ports and Inland Rail Terminals, as well as O’Hare Airport (ORD) Pickups and Deliveries

| May 27, 2022
Work with all shiplines

TruckersForMe is one of the very few companies that can manage same-day or next-day drayage for all U.S. ports

 TruckersForMe.com announced the availability of its same-day or next-day capacity port and rail drayage, servicing a wide variety of industries across rail terminals and ports throughout the United States. TruckersForMe also provides bonded transport; overweight triaxle chassis; container status monitoring; transloading; FTL and LTL; O’Hare airport (ORD) pickup and delivery; and customs clearance. All transport services come with full tracking and status monitoring, virtually eliminating the hassle of demurrage and per diem fees. Owned by All Miles Transport, TruckersForMe maintains a warehouse and base of operations in Lincolnshire, just 30 minutes from the O’Hare Airport in Chicago and within 60 mins from most Chicago rail ramps.

“Demurrage is a word that sends shivers down the spine of any importer or exporter,” said Lincoln Hugh, founder of TruckersForMe. “That’s always been true, but it takes on a deeper significance due to the global shipping crisis over the past year or two. Business has been hard enough without having to worry about accruing extra shipping penalties based on forces out of your control. To avoid delays and demurrage/per diem costs, you need partners in the shipping and trucking industry – professionals who closely monitor the arrival of your containers. That’s why we are in constant communication with shiplines and rail/port authorities, maintaining regular contacts with receivers via phone and email. And we’re always verifying receiving times and unloading modes, so you don’t have to. Saving you time and money.”

TruckersForMe: Full-Spectrum Trucking Services

Working directly with many global freight forwarders, TruckersForMe is one of the very few companies that can manage same-day or next-day drayage for all U.S. ports. And global freight forwarders will benefit significantly from TruckersForMe’s services, finding reliable and affordable drayage and inland trucking services despite the ongoing global supply chain crisis.

  • Chicago Terminal: Reliable draymen and truckers covering Chicago ramps with local and regional destinations.
  • Houston Port: Drayage and intermodal services covering Port Houston, including Barbours Cut and Bayport terminals.
  • ORD Pickup and Delivery: A personal TruckersForMe truck and trailer providing fast pickup and delivery from and to Chicago O’Hare International Airport.
  • Chicago Warehousing and Transloading: Warehouse and transloading facility near Chicago rail ramps, serving FCL and LCL.
  • Trucking Partners for Full and Less Truckloads: Fast full truckload delivery at low prices by partnering with the nation’s finest trucking companies.
  • Integrated Rail and Truck Transport: Low long-distance (1000 miles+) transport rates by combining rail and truck transport. Full truckloads and less-than-truckload included.

To learn more about current rates, or how TruckersForMe is partnering with U.S. Foreign Trade Zone #271 to develop an Asian factory wholesale center, please contact TruckersForMe online.

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