Tyrata IntelliTread™ Drive-Over-System Quickly Measures Vehicle Tire Tread Depth for Fleets

| October 11, 2019

New low-cost drive-over-system can accurately monitor tire tread wear at fleet and truck depots

Tyrata, Inc., a tire sensor and data management company, has expanded its patented IntelliTread™ tire tread wear sensor platform to include a low-profile drive-over system. The IntelliTread™ Drive-Over-System (DOS) provides actionable data regarding tire tread wear when a vehicle drives over the low-profile, speed bump-like unit. The system was developed based on the unmet need of fleet management, automotive service centers and truck depots for low-cost, real-time monitoring of tread wear in both automotive and commercial vehicle tires. Sensors in Tyrata’s drive-over system are linked to cloud-based data analytics to alert service and depot managers as to the actual condition of their tire tread. The IntelliTread Drive-Over-System is currently being implemented in pilot evaluations.

The sensor system is part of a growing Tyrata IntelliTread™ product portfolio designed to address the need for fast, low-cost and highly scalable measurements of tire tread depth. Ideal for a variety of consumer and commercial vehicle service centers, the IntelliTread DOS can quickly evaluate tread depth by simply driving a car, truck or bus over the system to acquire tire tread readings in real-time. Data derived from these measurements can prompt proper tire service, reduce fuel consumption and enhance safety by replacing worn tires in a timely manner.

“The introduction of the IntelliTread™ Drive-Over-System is consistent with our objectives to enhance tire safety and provide unique value-added services for customers in the tire industry,” said Dr. Aaron Franklin, CTO at Tyrata. “Through advanced data extraction, handling, and analytics, the IntelliTread DOS delivers critical data points that can be used to extend the life of a tire, or keep worn tires off the road to minimize tread-related tire failures. This new capability is ideal for our fleet customers because it allows them to get started with tread monitoring right away, without any change in their operations.”

The rugged IntelliTread™ Drive-Over-System is easy to implement, operate and maintain. Moreover, Tyrata plans to provide all of the hardware, software and analytics for the system with no up-front costs as part of a data package and agreement.

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