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United Road Launches Haully Pro Carrier Rewards Program for High Performers

| January 7, 2021

Haully Pro Carriers qualify for quarterly rebate bonus, concierge dispatch, early access to contract freight, fast track payment, and more advantages to come

Jason Walker, Chief Operating Officer of United Road, the largest provider of finished vehicle transport logistics in North America announced the launch of United Road’s Haully Pro Carrier Rewards Program, an initiative designed to recognize and reward elite high performing third-party carriers in United Road’s network of independent carriers. To qualify for Haully Pro status, carriers must be in the 90th percentile for quality as measured by three metrics: on-time or early delivery, compliance, and damage-free vehicle delivery. Plus, carriers must meet a quarterly business revenue threshold. Chief benefits of Haully Pro include quarterly rebate bonuses, dedicated concierge dispatch support, early access to contractual freight, free same-day payment up to three times per quarter for loads delivered and a reduced quick pay option. Enhancements planned for the future include access to discounts for fuel, insurance and roadside assistance. United Road sees Haully Pro as a way to support their carriers’ independent businesses, build loyalty and enhance quality.

“Our carriers are the face of United Road with our customers. The Haully Pro Carrier Program is United Road’s way of supporting our high-performing third-party carrier partners – including providing financial incentives – to those who go above and beyond to fulfill United Road’s promise to its customers of safe, on-time, and damage-free delivery,” said Walker. “United Road is committed to building a long term relationship with its carriers. When they are successful we are successful.”

Carriers qualify for consideration of Haully Pro status by meeting a minimum quarterly revenue goal from United Road of $30,000. 

Revenue generation is one qualifier. Quality holds equal importance according to Walker. Carriers that achieve Pro Carrier status rank in the 90th percentile among their peers for performance on three quality criteria:

  • Service – On time pick-up and delivery at 90% and above,
  • Transparency – Use of V-TAS mobile tracking app to manage loads from pick-up to delivery at 90% compliance,
  • Quality – A damage-free delivery rate of 99.7% as measured by E-IPTV (Exceptions-Incidents per Thousand Vehicles).

United Road introduced the Haully Pro Carrier Rewards program effective January 1. Bonus rebates will begin in the second quarter, 2021, based on first quarter performance. United Road has identified 91 carrier partners in its inaugural class of Haully Pro Carriers. 

“Carrier partners are critical to United Road’s success,” said Walker. “As we roll out this program over the first quarter of ’21 we look forward to awarding the Pro designation to additional carriers. United Road is here to help its carrier partners be successful including achieving Pro status.”

The Haully Pro Carrier Rewards Program evolved from United Road’s Haully™, a logistics technology platform for third-party carriers introduced in 2019 that provides hassle-free access to quality vehicle loads including backhauls, 24/7. Click here for information on United Road Haully Pro Carrier Rewards.

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