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Utilimaster Unveils New Velocity M3 Walk-in Cargo Van at the 2020 Work Truck Show

| March 6, 2020

Utilimaster Showcases Industry-Leading Innovation and Technologies to Accommodate Growing Specialty Vehicle Demand

Utilimaster®, a go-to-market brand of Spartan Motors, Inc.  reporting under the Spartan Fleet Vehicles and Services business unit, unveiled the new Class 3 Velocity® M3 walk-in cargo van at The Work Truck Show in a press conference held this morning.  The Utilimaster Velocity M3, built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cab and chassis, blends the fuel efficiency, driver ergonomics, and safety provisions of a cargo van cab and chassis with the expansive cargo space of a traditional walk-in van.  Spartan Motors’ President and Chief Executive Officer, Daryl Adams and Spartan Fleet Vehicles and Services President, Chad Heminover unveiled the Velocity M3 at the Indianapolis Convention Center, earlier today.

“As innovators in fleet vehicle design and engineering, Utilimaster translates customer feedback alongside emerging transportation, infrastructure, and technological trends into innovative designs,” said Daryl Adams, President and Chief Executive Officer, Spartan Motors. “Our commitment to bringing these industry-leading products to market faster and more efficiently means we’re best positioned to  meet the needs of our customers in the first-to-last-mile delivery segment, and beyond.”

The Velocity M3 builds upon advancements from the Utilimaster Reach®, with a lighter body design, improved payload, better fuel efficiency, and maximized cargo space, punctuated with a game-changing automatic access system that opens, closes, and locks interior and exterior doors—without keys or manual effort—for unequaled ease and stop-by-stop efficiency gains. 

The Velocity M3’s leading driver comfort and safety innovations include OEM comfort seating, collision mitigation, blind spot detection, and a 360-degree camera system with a high definition 9″ display, and rear radar sensors. Additional security measures include three-door keyless access systems with wristband RFID activation, an automatic side door and bulkhead door closure feature, and an interior camera system.

Also displayed in the Utilimaster booth is the recently fully electrified Reach EV complete vehicle, a follow-up to the presentation of the bare chassis at last year’s 2019 Work Truck Show. The electrified Reach EV showcases Spartan’s global commitment to emerging technologies and extending alternative propulsion technologies to customers. The Reach has served a pivotal role with key parcel delivery customers since 2011, offering a purpose-built delivery vehicle with a highly customizable cargo area.

“As the first-to-last-mile delivery segment expands alongside the growing direct-to-consumer market, our vehicles must continue to evolve to meet the needs of our customers and their evolving routes,” said Chad Heminover, President, Spartan Fleet Vehicles and Services. “Utilimaster continues to deliver meaningful innovations to the industry.  Today, we’re excited to launch the  Velocity M3 and to concurrently showcase our electrified Reach delivery vehicle, both of which bring industry-leading proprietary engineering and design to our customers, and sets us apart from our competitors.”

In addition to the Velocity M3 and Reach EV, Utilimaster will showcase a Ford Transit upfit package, specially tailored for telecommunications and utility companies in the booth. The Ford Transit specialty service upfit package, features a temperature controlled mobile workspace, onboard auxiliary power system, and custom cargo and tool storage area for maximum jobsite comfort and efficiency.

Link to video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A2yj5afRIinNwbFF4uhRTuO4FkICdXkv/view

For more information on Spartan and Utilimaster offerings, visit: utilimaster.spartanmotors.com

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