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Vnomics Debuts Fuel Efficiency Info for Drivers and Fleets

| May 22, 2018


Vnomics Corp., the provider of True Fuel, an on-board fuel efficiency optimization solution, has announced the addition of new capabilities for fairly incentivizing and rewarding drivers through a mobile app and ROI calculator.

“True Fuel has always provided a driver-respectful way to measure the driver’s impact on fuel economy, apart from their truck, load or route, ” said Alan Farnsworth, CEO of Vnomics. “With the addition of a mobile app and enhanced ROI calculator, our True Fuel fuel optimization solution engages drivers directly by showing them how well they are doing with respect to fuel efficiency goals. By automating the availability of the information to the driver and providing suggestions for improvements, drivers are empowered to work towards a fleet goal, with minimum effort on the part of fleets.”

Now that driver performance information is available to drivers directly, fleet managers can focus on the bigger picture of fleet wide fuel efficiency and use True Fuel dashboards to pinpoint areas for improvement.  Information in the app includes:

  • driver month to date efficiency compared to the fleet target
  • the current month performance
  • a detailed trip log, including location, time and fuel burned information
  • an efficiency score
  • suggestions for improvement based on each driver’s individual progress.

Fleets that are using True Fuel as the basis for a fuel efficiency incentive program can also access a new ROI calculator that includes a gain share formula that can be used to tailor the program for their particular needs, including using various performance parameters. In the mobile app, drivers can view that information and see how their efficiency compares to fleet targets so they know when they are on track for financial awards and other incentives, and what they need to do improve their performance.

“With the app,” Farnsworth added, “drivers can see how True Fuel quantifies their fuel efficiency in a fair way by focusing on the one thing they can control, their driving, and automatically eliminating vehicle, route, load and other factors that can impact reported MPG. Our fair method of calculating fuel efficiency helps reduce concerns many drivers have about using simple MPG data to measure fuel-efficient driving, when they don’t control the truck, load or route assigned to them. For fleets, making True Fuel transparent to drivers goes a long way toward giving them the professional recognition and professional respect they deserve, and helps them keep their performance in line with management goals.”

Vnomics True Fuel establishes a truck’s potential fuel economy independent of route, load and other external factors, and then assists drivers to achieve that full potential through in-vehicle driver coaching. The scoring model includes assessments of driver fuel efficiency in key areas of driver impact including engine speed control, speeding and idling.  Key fuel efficiency behaviors are rolled into a fair and balanced composite GPA-like assessment of the driver’s real-world fuel efficiency performance that is automatically normalized for operating conditions.

Category: Connected Fleet News, General Update

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