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WTA, OOIDA and ATA collaborate on supply chain issues, making life easier for drivers

| January 16, 2022

Support for legislation to create more safe parking and restroom access for truck drivers

Two organizations representing motor carriers and truck drivers are working together to address supply chain issues and making life a little easier for those who make their living behind the wheel of a truck.

The Washington Trucking Associations and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers
Association are supporting legislation pending before the Washington State Legislature that
would provide a tax incentive to the private sector to construct new truck parking spaces (HB
1657) and give truck drivers more access to restrooms at retail establishments and port facilities
throughout the state (HB 1706). WTA and OOIDA contend both pieces of legislation would
create new trucking parking capacity and give truck drivers more access to restrooms and
running water, two issues that have plagued the trucking industry for decades.

“Carriers and drivers need more places to park and use the restroom. It’s really that simple.
These are critical pieces to the supply chain puzzle that need to be addressed. We applaud
Representatives Dan Griffey (HB 1657) and Mike Sells (HB 1706) for their leadership on these
issues. These are among several proposals this session aimed at support for the trucking industry
and there are many more we hope to see rise to the top as the session progresses,” said Sheri
Call, WTA president and CEO.

HB 1657 and HB 1706 are at early stages in the legislative process, but there is already some
momentum to move these bills forward with the ultimate goal of getting them signed into law by
Governor Jay Inslee later this year.
“There’s a long way to go in the legislative process, but we’re going to do everything we can to
get the job done. Grassroots activism is a key part of this effort, so hopefully carriers and drivers
that live in Washington will call their lawmakers in support of both bills. Also, a big thanks to
WTA for their collaboration and support,” said Mike Matousek, OOIDA director of state
legislative affairs.

HB 1657 has been referred to the House Finance Committee where it awaits further action.
HB 1706 has been referred to the House Transportation Committee where it is scheduled for a
hearing at 3:30pm local time on January 17, 2022. Anyone that would like to testify can sign up
by clicking HERE. Select House, Transportation Committee, 1/17/2022 at 3:30pm, HB 1706,
and then which type of testimony you want to submit – you can testify remotely, have your
position noted for the record, or submit written testimony.

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