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Atlas Oil Company Reveals Compelling Efficiencies from On-Site Fleet Fueling

| March 29, 2014

Atlas OilAfter debilitating winter weather this year, it has become increasingly important for fleet managers everywhere to maintain and optimize their most precious commodities: employee time and money.

With individual truck fueling costing an additional $3,250 per truck each year according to Trucking Info, on-site fleet fueling is emerging as an efficient and effective solution.

Atlas Oil Company advises business decision makers and fleet managers to consider the benefits of on-site fleet fueling when developing and planning budgets. “Every 20 minute stop your driver makes to re-fuel at the pump two or three times per week is money out of your pocket,” said Atlas Oil Vice President Chad Wenzel.

Three major benefits stand out:

  1. First, on-site fleet fueling removes the burden of re-fueling from an employee’s roster of responsibilities, allowing team members to devote their full shifts to delivering product and driving business forward.
  2. Second, businesses can optimize schedules by planning on-site fueling around their operation’s cadences. Many on-site fuel providers work around the clock, and can fuel all of a company’s vehicles and generators in a centralized location when it is most convenient for the company, such as during regular downtime, so that all vehicles and equipment are ready to go when each new shift begins.
  3. Third, on-site fleet fueling can enhance budgeting and forecasting through unique truck-to-office technology. This advancement provides custom fuel reports that assistAtlas Oil fleet managers with accounting, data management, efficiencies and more, and allows them to find patterns and plan supply needs and scheduling against them accordingly.

In addition, customers may be able to take advantage of indexed fuel pricing solutions.

For more information about Atlas Oil’s on-site and mobile fueling programs, please visit www.atlasoil.com.

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