Continental Adds New Valve Cap Sensor to Their Digital Truck Tire Monitoring Service Portfolio

| November 28, 2023

Works with all solutions and receivers from Continental, including ContiConnect Live Truck and Trailer, ContiConnect Yard and ContiPressureCheck

Continental, one of the largest tire and automotive technology suppliers in the world, added a new valve cap sensor to their lineup of Digital Tire Monitoring products and services.

This sensor works with all of Continental’s digital tire monitoring solutions products including ContiConnect Live Truck and Trailer, ContiConnect Yard, and ContiPressureCheck.

Installation for the sensor requires minimal downtime on the vehicle as there is no requirement to dismount and remount tires. This makes it easy to upfit any commercial vehicle and fleet of any size in a short amount of time.

The valve cap sensor was planned and rolled out by Continental to also offer an easy path towards an integration of more robust tire mounted sensor.

Benefits of Digital Tire Monitoring:

One of the most effective ways commercial vehicle fleets can reduce costs is by monitoring their tires. Though tires account for just five percent of fleet equipment, they can influence up to 53 percent of the fleet’s overall operating costs. So, what can a fleet do to help monitor their tires?

Enter ContiConnect – Continental’s Digital Tire Monitoring System. With ContiConnect a fleet can monitor the health of its tires through two different types of sensors that communicate with ContiConnect’s online platform via connected device on the truck, trailer, Yard Reader, or the Continental On-Site phone app.

Valve Cap Sensors

The valve cap sensor is an external sensor that replaces the valve cap with the sensor cap. This sensor is a quick and efficient way to upfit a large fleet with limited down time to the customer. The sensor relays accurate tire pressure readings for all Continental digital tire monitoring solutions.

The valve cap sensor has a low battery indication on the ContiConnect platform and has a lifespan of 2.5 years. This sensor was developed to provide fleets with a quick solution to begin monitoring their tire’s health. If a tire needs to be replaced on the road, the valve cap sensor also allows fleets to continue monitoring their new tires’ status before installing the tire-mounted sensor again when convenient.

Tire-Mounted Sensors

The second type of sensor is a tire mounted one. These sensors are mounted directly onto the inside of the tire and provide more data than the valve cap sensors. Tire-mounted sensors can relay tire pressure and compensated tire pressure, temperature, and individual tire mileage.

Tire-mounted sensors have a 4-year lifespan and a battery indicator on the ContiConnect platform that can relay to a fleet when the battery is low and also provides a percentage value to the fleet owner.

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