Investing in safety – Brigade Electronics discusses the importance of quality over cost

| November 28, 2023

Don’t settle for cheap imitations, but thoroughly investigate the credibility of the safety solutions you are investing in and how they stack up against their counterparts

To succeed in today’s economic climate, any business must operate cost efficiently and with minimum wastage, so making savings on associated equipment and overheads are always welcome. However, when it comes to safety the overwhelming consensus is that investment, rather than cost cutting, is the only sensible option.

Brigade Electronics discusses the importance of quality over cost.
Brigade Electronics discusses the importance of quality over cost.

As a market leader of safety devices for commercial vehicles, Brigade Electronics is emphasising the importance of quality and reliability when it comes to choosing and investing in vehicle safety solutions for the transport and logistics industry.

Eryk Biskupski, Managing Director of Brigade Electronics Poland, explains what to look for when considering the best vehicle safety technology for fleets:

“When it comes to vehicle safety solutions, cost cutting is not always the wisest or safest choice. While a product might seem identical and offer the same functionality as one that is more expensive, its credentials might differ greatly from that of a more expensive, higher quality version.

“For example, has the product undergone thorough testing? Does it offer a warranty? Does it comply to industry standards? Will you be backed up by expert technical support? These are all extremely important considerations when it comes to investing in the most appropriate safety solutions for your fleet.”

Eryk says that years of research go into every Brigade product to ensure that each one meets – and often exceeds –international compliance standards.

“Our products undergo thorough testing with some even offering lifetime warranties. We will never release a product until we are 100% confident it is fit for purpose; it is a testament to our painstaking R&D process that in over four decades of trading we have never had a product recall.

“We have a team of more than 40 engineers globally whose expertise cover product development, quality control, applications engineering and project management. They focus on excellence at every stage of the process to ensure that each product is tested rigorously to verify its design standard and product requirements with the aim of making sure they meet and exceed their purpose of preventing collisions and saving lives.

“This approach, along with Brigade’s compliance with ISO standards, helps us to work to strict processes and quality assurances that meet the demands of fleet operators as well as OEMs. Products are also tested to industry standards to ensure they can withstand the required environmental operating conditions. They are further independently tested for a host of certifications to suit European, UK and worldwide markets. This makes them some of the best and highest quality devices in the world for safety, durability and reliability.”

While such products might not be the most cost effective, Eryk strongly believes that operators need to seriously consider the long-term value they are getting from their safety solutions and whether low-cost alternatives offer the same guarantees when it comes to testing, research and support.

“Don’t settle for cheap imitations, but thoroughly investigate the credibility of the safety solutions you are investing in and how they stack up against their counterparts. The more time that has been spent on developing and testing the product, the less likely it is going to need replacing in the near future and the more likely it is that your fleet safety isn’t compromised on any level.”  

Brigade Electronics is a worldwide market-leading provider of safety devices and solutions for commercial vehicles and machinery.

Brigade’s products work to reduce the risk of collisions and protect vulnerable road users by minimizing vehicle blind spots and assisting drivers to maneuver safely.

Founded in 1976 by Chris Hanson-Abbott OBE, Brigade Electronics introduced the very first back up alarm to Europe and has been at the forefront of championing vehicle and machinery safety ever since, pioneering new products, and developing and patenting new technology.

Brigade’s product portfolio includes 360-degree camera systems, camera monitor systems, White Sound® reversing alarms, obstacle detection sensors, obstacle detection radar, and digital recorders.

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