Continental Introduces New Digital Tool to Check Truck Tires

| February 28, 2024

ContiConnect LITE gives users with Generation II sensors and Continental Intelligent Tires a taste of the ContiConnect System

Continental Tire, one of the largest tire and automotive technology suppliers in the world, is introducing ContiConnect LITE to create a bridge between tire sensors and tire management. ContiConnet LITE is a simple and free-of-charge gateway to selected ContiConnect functionality via a  smartphone.  

As an integrated solutions provider, Continental believes in helping fleets and commercial vehicle tire users in all tire aspects. With ContiConnect LITE, Continental is allowing fleets and truck drivers to test a state-of-the-art system for free to show them how routine tire checks can improve the overall health and maintenance to their vehicle’s tires.

ContiConnect LITE is for those who have Generation II sensors or Continental Intelligent Tires but haven’t signed up yet for a Yard Reader or a Live System. ContiConnect LITE allows users to access their tire data via Bluetooth and connects to the ContiConnect On-Site App to share tire pressure and temperature (TPMS) with the user. The user simply registers online to gain instant information into their tires’ conditions.

With ContiConnect LITE a user can create, manage and configure up to five vehicles and track the tire data. The system is perfect for pre-trip inspection as the users received tire data and alerts via Bluetooth straight to their phone while the vehicle is stationary.

ContiConnect LITE helps drivers check the condition of their tires. This brings added value, particularly for smaller fleets using intelligent tires or Generation II sensors. No additional hardware is required to make use of ContiConnect LITE. Similar to other ContiConnect systems, ContiConnect LITE can help reducing breakdowns, labor and maintenance costs through tire checks.

It also helps to increase the safety of your employees and other traffic participants by utilizing the system prior to a trip to check for any alerts before going on your trip. In addition, ContiConnect LITE can also help save on fuel costs and gives you the convenience of the data right at your fingertips to enable easy tire checks.

Users can get started by downloading the ContiConnect On-Site app and registering for ContiConnect LITE. The App is available in IOS and Android versions. To download and register you can simply click here and get started.

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