Phillips Connect Partners with Noregon to Revolutionize Fleet Management

| February 28, 2024

The collaboration is aimed at integrating Phillips Connect’s Connect1 trailer data into Noregon’s TripVision® Remote Diagnostics system

Phillips Connect is pleased to announce a partnership with Noregon, a leading solutions provider for the maintenance, service, and upkeep of commercial vehicles and heavy-duty equipment. The collaboration is aimed at integrating Phillips Connect’s Connect1 trailer data into Noregon’s TripVision® Remote Diagnostics system. This collaboration facilitates the effortless exchange of essential health data from Connect1, including specifics like location, odometer readings, brake diagnostics, and the overall health status of trailers, right into the TripVision interface. The integration promises to bolster TripVision’s functionality by incorporating in-depth trailer health and brake fault data, complemented by direct connections back to Connect1 for thorough insights. This initiative marks a significant advancement in the unification and enhancement of fleet data, delivering an unmatched level of insight and management capabilities to fleet operators.

Unified Data for Unmatched Efficiency

Through this collaboration, Phillips Connect and Noregon are working closely to enhance maintenance solutions that are available to the market. By integrating critical data from Phillips Connect’s robust monitoring systems with TripVision’s comprehensive diagnostics capabilities, customers will now have access to a unified platform where they can monitor both their tractors and trailers in one place.

This integration offers enhanced information on ABS and brake faults among other critical diagnostics, providing fleet operators with actionable insights. The aim is to significantly improve the maintenance and operational efficiency of fleets, ensuring that vehicles are not just monitored but maintained with the most up-to-date information available.

Expanding Maintenance Solutions

The partnership between Phillips Connect and Noregon is set to significantly enhance how customers perform maintenance. By making Phillips Connect’s detailed trailer data available through TripVision, fleets can now gain a more comprehensive understanding of their vehicle’s health. This integration enables fleets to respond in real-time to issues on their vehicles and make informed maintenance decisions based on the tractor and trailer’s overall health and safety status.

A Richer, More Valuable Offering

Phillips Connect is dedicated to enhancing the user experience by providing richer, more valuable offerings to its customers. By taking ABS and brake data to the next level, Phillips Connect ensures that customers who are already utilizing TripVision will see a notable enhancement in their operational capabilities.

“Our integration with TripVision is a game-changer for the industry,” says Rob Phillips, CEO and Founder of Phillips Connect. “By bringing together the best of what both our companies have to offer, we’re enabling fleets to operate with an efficiency and clarity that was previously unattainable. This is about providing our customers with the tools they need to succeed in a competitive landscape.”

Bill Hathaway, Executive Chairman and Founder of Noregon said, “As Noregon looks to the future of fleet management, our partnership with Phillips Connect is a pivotal step towards that vision. This collaboration represents a groundbreaking approach to fleet monitoring, maintenance, and service. It enables us to offer unparalleled insights into fleet health, ensuring that our customers can achieve higher efficiency and reliability in their operations.”

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