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Coretex launches Innovative CoreTemp Solution for Food Safety & Compliance

| October 25, 2019

Coretex’s fresh approach to core and continuous product temperature monitoring brings new levels of product and brand assurance to refrigerated supply chain

Coretex supply chain assurance and fleet management solutions, introduced CoreTemp™, an enterprise-grade core and continuous product temperature monitoring solution, at The International Foodservice Distributors Association annual conference, being held in Orlando, Florida.  

The new CoreTemp SaaS application was developed to help food retailers and refrigerated transport haulers gain true visibility of load performance – replacing mostly manual methods used today. The solution captures and reports critical data to help businesses ensure the quality of perishable food, manage supply chain operations performance, and receive real-time alerts for potential temperature or transportation issues.

“After years of development and with much anticipation, the future of food safety for refrigerated supply chain has arrived,” said William Payne, CEO of Coretex. “Our highly sophisticated solution features on-demand, aggregated compliance views with live route progress and product temperature simulations, coupled with wider hauler performance dashboards.”

With Coretex CoreTemp, refrigerated food service distributors benefit from:

  • Automated core and continuous temperature monitoring for compliance
  • Advanced algorithms for product type, packaging method and unit of transport
  • Replace manual, inefficient temperature monitoring processes
  • Route tracking and scheduling with reporting and scoring route performance
  • Visual dashboards with real-time data and custom leaderboards for training

Tim Bates, Corporate Quality Systems Director – Logistics at Golden State Foods, has earned an industry reputation as the “father of simulated product temperatures” having participated in its evolution. “We’re pleased to be involved with the development of this application,” said Bates. “CoreTemp not only measures predicted core product temperature accurately, but it drives process changes within a cold chain by incorporating historical data and continuous improvement tools.”

A series of CoreTemp Beta programs are currently underway. Nationwide deployments are scheduled to begin January 2020.

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