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DarkPulse, Inc. Joins Utah State University’s Advancing Sustainability through Powered Infrastructure for Roadway Electrification

| November 11, 2022

Electrified roadways bring power to electric vehicles without the need for large, heavy battery packs while extending vehicle range

DarkPulse, Inc. a technology company focused on the utilization of laser sensing systems based on its patented BOTDA dark-pulse sensor technology (the “DarkPulse Technology”) that provides a data stream of critical metrics for assessing the structural health and security of infrastructure, today announced it has become a member of Utah State University’s ASPIRE NSF Engineering Research Center. Additionally, the Company’s CEO will serve on ASPIRE’s Policy Committee.

“ASPIRE is delighted to welcome DarkPulse as a member of our Industry and Innovation board,” said Regan Zane, Director of the ASPIRE Center. “We look forward to collaborating with them on future projects and pilots.”

Electrified roadways bring power to electric vehicles without the need for large, heavy battery packs while extending vehicle range. Harnessing the power of inductive wireless power transfer, electric vehicles can charge as they drive over electric coils embedded in the roadway. Energy flows from the coils to a receiver mounted to the underside of the vehicle, providing safe, wireless power even at highway speeds.

Dynamic charging allows Electric Vehicles to operate for longer times and distances without stopping for recharging. Additionally, EVs equipped with wireless charging technology will have substantially smaller batteries reducing both cost and weight of the vehicle resulting in improved environmental impacts, lower vehicle costs, longer ranges and greater electric vehicle adoption.

ASPIRE is a current leader on several electrified roadway pilots across the country, including ones in Indiana, Florida, and Utah. These pilots are the initial steps to eventually provide wireless charging on the interstate highways to enable battery-electric, long-haul freight movement across the US.

“DarkPulse has created a team based in the US and UK to advance dynamic charging systems with our BOTDA sensing systems. These combined systems create Smart RoadÔ technologies capable of dynamic charging while also monitoring the structural health of bridges and roadways. Joining the team at ASPIRE and their more than 50 industry partners brings DarkPulse into the fold for roadway electrification,” said DarkPulse Chairman and CEO, Dennis O’Leary. “We believe electrification of roadways is an important component of smart cities playing a critical role in both the adoption of sustainable transportation such as EV’s and the decarbonization of our planet. I look forward to working as both a partner of ASPIRE and a member of the Policy Committee helping shape current regulatory policies to help aid in the adoption of electrified roadways.”

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