Driver Technologies Launches DriverPro on the Jamf Marketplace 

| February 28, 2024

Jamf users will have access to No. 1 rated telematics safety app to improve employees’ driving behavior

Driver Technologies, Inc. (Driver), an AI-based mobility tech company that delivers a safer driving experience, announced the availability of DriverPro on the Jamf Marketplace, a central location for users to find, learn about and utilize valuable tools to integrate with and extend the Jamf platform. 

The integration of DriverPro will provide Jamf users with the ability to leverage employees’ managed devices to deploy the Driver app, which will automatically detect when an employee starts to drive and collect location, speed, g-force, weather and telematics events. This data is then uploaded to the Driver Cloud, providing full coverage of the fleet to track vehicles in real time and view aggregated driving behavior analytics. 

“At Driver, we strive to make driver safety tools accessible to anyone, anywhere,” said Rashid Galadanci, CEO and co-founder of Driver Technologies. “That’s why we’re extremely excited about our partnership with Jamf because it allows companies to implement the Driver app onto their employees’ managed smartphone devices, which instantly provides everyone with a driving safety tool and keeps the costs significantly lower than the next leading driving safety product.”

Using the DriverPro system doesn’t require expensive setups or hardware dongles as users can mount their existing managed devices. Additionally, users can opt into transforming their existing device as an external and internal facing dash cam with AI safety alerts to add an additional layer of improving their driving behavior. 

Jamf is dedicated to managing and securing Apple at work as it extends the legendary Apple experience people love to businesses, schools, and government organizations through its software and Jamf Nation, the largest community of Apple IT admins in the world. Today, 74,400 global customers entrust Jamf with more than 31.8 million Apple devices.

“We’re very pleased to announce the launch of DriverPro on the Jamf Marketplace, as we are always looking for new and exciting software solutions that allow our over 100,000 Jamf Nation members to run their businesses more efficiently,” said Nick Morawiecki, Solution Partner Manager at Jamf. “DriverPro’s affordability and seamless installment capabilities will allow our users to empower their employees to improve their driving behavior and discover more effective ways of managing their Apple devices.” For more information about DriverPro on the Jamf Marketplace, please visit

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