WorkHound’s Annual Feedback Trends Report Highlights State of Trucking in 2024

| February 28, 2024

Frontline workers in trucking and logistics submitted 100K anonymous comments to employers in 2023

WorkHound, a leader in employee feedback management for frontline workforce industries, unveiled its eagerly anticipated Annual Trends Report focused on top feedback trends in trucking for 2024. Based on nearly 100,000 anonymous frontline worker comments across 100+ logistics and trucking companies, the latest trends report dives deep into the workforce’s sentiments, concerns, and praises, spotlighting the most pressing issues and emerging trends across the industry.

“2023 was a year with significant challenges in the trucking sector,” said Max Farrell, co-founder and CEO of WorkHound. “Despite facing a freight recession and new NLRB guidance, the industry demonstrated remarkable resilience. Federal initiatives began addressing the truck parking shortage, and the sector saw considerable mergers and acquisitions activity. Our latest workforce trend report leverages real-world feedback to illuminate the current state of the transportation industry, enabling employers to enhance the worker experience through a deeper understanding of their needs and concerns.”

The report categorized driver comments into themes to simplify the data before measuring sentiment. The top theme of worker comments in 2023 was People, underscoring the crucial role of interpersonal connections in enhancing the work experience, particularly in roles where day-to-day interactions are not guaranteed. WorkHound’s sentiment analysis reveals positive relationships significantly boost morale and operational resilience. However, the breakdown of these connections leads to a ripple effect of dissatisfaction and challenges, emphasizing the profound impact of interpersonal dynamics on worker experiences.

Key insights from the report:

  • The top five feedback themes identified were PeopleLogisticsEquipmentPay, and Praise.
  • Some additional keywords identified were RaiseWeatherSleepPayrollBreakdownPlanningLost, and Feeling.
  • Praise theme aside, the majority of the themes featured comments with negative sentiments, and the report unveils some of the driving factors behind their dissatisfaction.
  • Increased average comments per worker suggest a willingness – or need – among frontline employees to share their thoughts or concerns with employers.
  • A 17% increase in mentions of “unions” from 2022 to 2023 and increased concerns about “pay” and “equipment reliability” reflect the evolving priorities and challenges faced by drivers.

WorkHound’s commitment to leveraging AI for sentiment analysis and theme identification provides actionable insights for companies looking to improve retention, address employee concerns, and build a culture of trust and transparency. The findings serve as a roadmap for industry leaders to build a culture of trust and improvement, offering a clear view of the workforce’s evolving needs and priorities in real time.

“WorkHound remains dedicated to empowering companies to actively listen to their employees,” added Farrell. “Listening and communication are the keys to fostering better workplace environments and driving frontline industries toward a more inclusive, proactive, and positive future.”

Click here to access the full WorkHound Annual Trends Report

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