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ELD for Bus Drivers

| April 26, 2019

GeoSpace Labs Now Has Geowiz ELD

GeoSpace Labs launched two new ELD products to assist passenger carrying driver with 49 CFR 395 Hours of Service and 49 CFR 396 Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) compliance.

“We have become experts in market verticals and providing hours of service technology designed specifically for how different drivers work based upon the market, vehicle specifications, and type of transport,” noted Dr. David Lady, President of GeoSpace Labs.

The passenger carrying specific ELDs are designed around how drivers in this market work, enhancing traditional hours of service logging with tools specific to the working requirement of passenger carrying drivers.

“We have found that generic ELD tools tend to gloss over passenger carrying rules and assume everything is a truck, and all drivers are long haul over the road property carriers. We instead focus on helping the passenger carrying drivers maximize usage of their rule set, as allowed, so they can boost their driving and productivity,” concluded Dr. Lady.

Hours of Service federal rules affect drivers differently, and play an important role in driver productivity, and ability to earn a living wage. Using an ELD specifically designed for how you work improved both productivity and earning potential, as you can get the most out of the rules while still knowing and being able to prove you are 100% compliant when you need to. Find ELD devices review from FleetMastersInc

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