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Environmentalists: Rolling Back Fuel Standards to Hurt Jobs and Growth

| August 7, 2018

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When the EPA and U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) formally advanced the Trump administration’s proposal to roll back popular clean car and fuel economy standards, environmentalists cited potential negative impacts on U.S. job growth.

The new proposal, green groups said, would halt fuel mileage improvements for vehicles made after 2020 at 37 miles per gallon, and strip individual state’s from setting their own standards.

“This groundless ruling ignores auto industry experts, business leaders, and American consumers who overwhelmingly support strong clean car standards.”stated  Bob Keefe, executive director of the national, nonpartisan business group E2 “Once again, a short-sighted decision from the Trump administration will have long-term consequences – threatening the livelihoods of 650,000 Americans who build cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles and the parts that make them run.”

The decision by the EPA and DOT — dubbed the “Safer and Affordable Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Rule” – falsely makes the case the case that tougher fuel-economy standards compromise safety and hurts affordability. This safety claim was debunked in a 2017 study by the National Bureau of Economic Research and a recent forecast found that freezing the standards would cost the U.S. economy $457 billion by 2050.

“This decision flies in the face of reality. If increasing fuel-efficiency has accomplished anything over the past 30 years, it’s been making safety more affordable for families.” said Grant Carlisle, E2 Director of Advocacy.”There is simply no basis for the claim that encouraging U.S. automakers to innovate and compete globally hurts consumers. In fact, the opposite is true. Increasing MPGs allows us to drive farther, pay less, and has helped replace older less-safe vehicles in record numbers, all while improving the global market for American-made vehicles.”

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