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FreedomWay Trucks Operating and Adjusting to Demand During COVID-19 Pandemic

| March 20, 2020

FreedomWay Trucks can make ready and repair trucks in an efficient, timely basis

FreedomWay Trucks is operating at their Gulfport, Mississippi, and affiliated Atlanta shop amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The company reports it is not canceling any truck deliveries or appointments at this time. However, it has taken proactive measures as recommended in The President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America. This includes shifting personnel to work remotely from home.

 “We have transitioned most support staff to remote, work-from-home roles,” said Director of Marketing Apryl Hall. “Our objective is to get trucks to the owner-operators so that they can deliver loads across the country where they are needed. We are maintaining critical staff on-site so trucks can be delivered without delays. The transportation industry is playing a historically vital role in this unprecedented pandemic and we will do our part to assist in the recovery efforts. We anticipate an increase in demand and are prepared to meet it.”

Mechanics, parts department, and management roles remain on-site to ensure trucks are ready for delivery. By keeping minimum operations on-site, new contracts can be executed. Hall has also noted the workers who are not remote are following all safety precautions. She said, “The staff remaining on-site is following the guidance to keep a safe distance from one another and our customers. These men and women are going across the country to deliver goods so desperately needed in stores. We have to be proactive and protect their health as we do our own.”

FreedomWay Trucks has been in contact with the local authorities, dealerships and parts houses to make sure that we can make ready and repair trucks in an efficient, timely basis and be able to provide trucks that may be used to deliver important supplies and equipment around the region and country.

FreedomWay Trucks is taking extra steps to implement a disinfection process for each truck before a customer arrives to get it. Any trucks that come onto the property are going through a 48-hour holding period to make sure any potential virus is not spread. The company is also cleaning and spraying all truck cabs with commercial grade disinfectant.

FreedomWay Trucks is essential to the industry because of its ability to meet the immediate needs for trucks by individuals or trucking companies. With their Easy Qualifier program, out of pocket costs can be as low as $5,000. The Easy Qualifier program requires no credit check and includes an IRP tag for one year.

The Easy Qualifier program is unique to FreedomWay Trucks in that there is no credit check for drivers who want to become owner-operators or companies who need to expand quickly. Instead, the rent-to-own model extends an agreement to drivers who have a cash down payment, can provide driving history, and verification of residence or business financials. FreedomWay Trucks offers customers early buy-out and upgrade options along with a third-party warranty and optional coverages to help with unforeseen repairs.

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