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TA is Experiencing Elevated Year-Over-Year Diesel Fuel Sales Volumes Thus Far in March

| March 23, 2020

TA and Petro Stopping Centers Are Open and Remain Committed to Serving Drivers across the U.S. as the COVID-19 Situation Continues to Evolve

Jonathan M. Pertchik, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of TravelCenters of America Inc. made the following statement regarding TA and its operations in the rapidly evolving current environment:

“At TA, we are working hard to keep our travel centers open for business to support the critical work of professional drivers as they transport vital goods around the U.S. and all of our customers who need our goods and who utilize our services. It is important to note that our business is an exception to some of the general stay-in-residence and retail/restaurant closing requirements. Federal, state and local governments are so far allowing our travel centers to remain open as ‘Essential Services’ to support commerce, the local backfilling of shelves with essentials and ensuring that goods reach those in need throughout the U.S. Although it is too early to quantify the business and financial impact the COVID-19 crisis will have on TA, so far in March, we have seen elevated year-over-year diesel fuel sales volumes, indicating to us that the U.S. supply chain remains intact and functioning under these unprecedented circumstances. We value our customers, employees and investors and are confident we have the right team in place to navigate TA through these challenging times.”

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