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LogiGo, Maker of Connected Mobility Solutions, Launches North American Operations

| June 5, 2019

LogiGo Systems Offer OEMs a Market-leading Benefit Set Including an Enhanced, Safer Mobility Experience for Drivers

LogiGo, a leading maker of connected mobility solutions for the automotive market in Brazil and Latin America, is launching its operations in North America with the appointment of a senior executive and the establishment of an office in Grand Circus, Detroit’s technology talent development group.

LogiGo’s in-dash technology will be demonstrated in North America for the first time at the TU Automotive conference at the Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi from June 4 through June 6. The technology is already being used by Nissan and Mitsubishi in 100% of their passenger cars in the Brazilian and broader Latin American markets.

“We are excited to bring our independent solutions to the North American automotive market,” said Antonio Azevedo, founder and CEO of LogiGo. “We believe there is no other company currently in the U.S. market with a turnkey solution from product conception, hardware design, software development, product validation and manufacturing that provides auto OEMs with independent control of the in-dash system and its user data, without the need for data sharing as with comparable big-company technology platforms.”

Development in One-Third the Typical Timeframe, for Cost Efficiency and Speed to Monetization

LogiGo’s systems provide a uniquely personal, connected mobility and infotainment relationship among the user, the vehicle and the connected ecosystem around it. LogiGo’s absence of restrictive legacy infrastructure and its use of Agile methodologies enables the company to develop and implement new systems for OEMs in one-third the market’s typical lead-time. This translates into significant development cost savings for OEMs and accelerates their monetization of the platform.

“LogiGo’s core technologies and approaches offer mobility OEMs distinct advantages in capturing the vast potential of the connected ecosystem,” Azevedo said. “We offer OEMs the opportunity to set their platform apart from all others – and to do so at a fraction of the development time and cost they incur today. They can stop overspending, beat the market with truly useful functionality, and attain real ownership over data and privacy.”

“In short, the OEM can finally conquer the last screen vying for humanity’s attention – the screen in the car’s center console,” Azevedo concluded.

LogiGo Systems Offer OEMs a Market-leading Benefit Set Including an Enhanced, Safer Mobility Experience for Drivers

LogiGo’s connected mobility and infotainment systems provide OEMs with a number of benefits that expand and enhance the driver experience:

  • Safer mobility experience. LogiGo’s in-dash, integrated multi-app ecosystem provides the market’s broadest array of apps without the need for custom development, including safety-critical applications to better protect drivers, passengers and other road users.
  • Powerful technology connections. LogiGo offers a connected ecosystem that uses software made by its sister company Disruptiv Technologies, bringing together the car’s head unit, the telematics control unit and a 4G wi-fi hotspot for optimal interface among the driver, the OEM and specific apps, as well as among personal devices such as tablets, smartphones and wearables.
  • Expanded e-commerce capability. E-commerce and advertising services within the vehicle offer drivers added one-stop convenience in accessing maintenance and other services, while providing OEMs with new opportunities for commercial relationships and monetization of the system. LogiGo’s system also offers ongoing two-way connectivity with the dealer network and a growing roster of merchant partners.

LogiGo’s system also provides market-leading functionality for OEMs:

  • Any available app in the market can now live in-dash: No custom development is required.
  • Access to a white-labeled app marketplace and eCommerce store enables faster time-to-market and enhanced user experience.
  • OEMs are offered a choice of hardware or software-only deployment: They can choose LogiGo’s zero-PPM production hardware or leverage a third-party hardware unit.
  • All benefits are delivered via a fully connected, powerful telematics suite offering robust functionality, services and capabilities.

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