Michigan Selects Geotab and Wheels for Zero-Emission Fleet Initiative, Aligning with Executive Directive

| July 9, 2024

State aims to meet environmental targets under Whitmer’s directive with help from telematics and fleet management leaders

Geotab connected transportation solutions and Wheels, a leading fleet management company in North America, are partnering to provide telematics solutions to the State of Michigan. This move advances the state’s executive directive to decarbonize its fleet by starting the conversion of state owned vehicles to zero-emission vehicles by 2040, as directed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Telematics and data insights will allow Michigan to achieve its goal of efficient and cost-effective conversion to zero-emission vehicles. The state fleet will benefit from the following reports to facilitate the transition:

  • Fleet Benchmarking & Vehicle Utilization Assessment: The state will receive benchmarking insights on vehicle utilization, fuel efficiency, enabling the identification of areas for improvement.
  • EV Suitability Assessment Report: Driving patterns of the state’s fleet will be analyzed to determine the most suitable vehicles for electrification, supported by a business case focused on return on investment.
  • Charging Infrastructure Assessment Report: A detailed plan for charging infrastructure will be provided, using predictive analytics and geospatial analysis to determine the number and location of charging stations needed.
  • CO2 Emissions Report: Geotab uses engine based fuel economy data to calculate the estimated CO2 emissions due to fleet activity.

“Our primary goal is to align with Gov. Whitmer’s directive to transition our fleet to zero-emission vehicles by 2040. Selecting a data-driven approach was a strategic decision to meet this mandate seamlessly and cost-effectively,” said Sherri Irwin, director of the Office of Support Services in the Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget. “Using state vehicle data, we can make informed decisions and anticipate improvements in fleet management, from reducing operational costs to improving efficiency.”

Data analytics will provide information the State of Michigan needs to effectively transition its fleet to zero-emission vehicles. This strategic move not only accelerates the decarbonization process but also focuses on the byproduct benefits that telematics can deliver.

The adoption of telematics is for more than just environmental gains. It can provide significant operational advantages, such as fuel management , and engine diagnostics. The latter can provide early detection of maintenance needs, thereby reducing vehicle downtime allowing more time to support the community.

“Our collaboration with Michigan is just beginning as we assist the state in achieving its emissions reduction targets,” stated Neil Garrett, AVP Public Sector at Geotab. “While our initial focus is on supporting Michigan’s decarbonization efforts, equipping the state’s fleet with Geotab telematics does far more. It provides a wealth of data insights that will help streamline fleet management across the board, enhancing everything from safety and compliance to productivity and efficiency. “

“Understanding and aligning with each client’s specific requirements is at the core of what we do at Wheels. We are excited to partner with Geotab to be part of the State of Michigan’s journey to zero emissions,” said Laura Jozwiak, Wheels Chief Client Officer. “By harnessing comprehensive telematics data, the State of Michigan can more easily reach its environmental targets.”

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