Ryder Awards Top Professional Truck Drivers

| July 9, 2024

Ryder recognizes three truck drivers for their commitment to safety with more than 11 million safe miles and 122 years of combined driving experience

Ryder System, Inc. names the winners of its “Driver of the Year” award, recognizing the top professional truck drivers from each of its three business units. Three Ryder professional drivers were inducted into the Ryder “Driver Hall of Fame” – Darryl Tolle based out of Georgetown, Kentucky; Anslum Hudlin based out of Waco, Texas; and Richard Landry based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Together, they boast a combined experience of 122 years and have collectively driven nearly 11.3 million miles.

The “Driver of the Year” honor is one of Ryder’s oldest and most prestigious awards programs celebrating 52 continuous years of recognition. Winners are chosen through a rigorous review process conducted by a committee of Ryder executives, safety experts, and professional drivers. This year’s three standouts demonstrated exemplary safety, performance, and customer service throughout their careers.

“It’s an honor to have such exceptional individuals like Darryl and Anslum on the Ryder team, as well as Richard on our customer’s team, as some of the best drivers in the industry,” says Robert Sanchez, chairman and chief executive officer of Ryder. “These honorees embody the core values of our company in both their professional and personal lives.”

Darryl Tolle received Ryder’s Supply Chain Solutions’ “Driver of the Year” award. With more than 41 years of experience behind the wheel, Tolle has driven 3.5 million miles, with 2.8 million of those miles during his 35-year tenure with Ryder. As a retired Kentucky Army National Guard Sergeant First Class with 32 years of service, Tolle has a distinguished military record, including natural disaster response, chemical security force protection, and clearing IEDs in Afghanistan.

Anslum Hudlin won for Ryder’s Dedicated Transportation Solutions, where drivers are responsible for operating specialized equipment, overseeing unique product handling, navigating complex routes, and meeting stringent customer service requirements. With nearly 3.8 million miles on the road, including almost 600,000 miles during his eight years with Ryder, Hudlin has had a remarkable 43-year driving career. Before joining Ryder, he served in the U.S. Army for seven years as a senior heavy-vehicle operator. Beyond his professional life, Hudlin is deeply involved in his community. Hudlin is married with two children, and he and his wife have fostered more than 70 children. He also serves as a deacon and youth director at his church, organizes fundraisers and a prom for disadvantaged students at his local high school, and coaches little league football.

Richard Landry won Ryder’s Fleet Management Solutions “Customer Driver of the Year” award. With 4 million miles on the road over his impressive 38-year driving career, Landry has demonstrated exceptional dedication and skill. Landry also has the distinction of being the first ever Canada-based FMS Customer Driver of the Year. Landry’s commitment to safety has saved lives on the road. He was first on the scene of an accident where he rescued a mother and baby from a rolled-over car leaking fuel. In another incident, Landry helped pull a family out of an SUV that rolled over after losing control. Landry proceeded to call 911 and waited with the family until help arrived.

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