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Morgan Olson, Truck Safety USA and Workhorse win Work Truck Show 2020 Innovation Awards

| March 12, 2020

Step vans and safety brace earn honors among 92 entries

With a focus on safety, innovation, efficiency and electrification, more than 100 new products, including vehicles, truck equipment and accessories, were introduced at Work Truck Week 2020. Three were named Work Truck Show Innovation Award winners.

Morgan Olson’s Storm Class 2 step van prototype won in the Body Concept category, Truck Safety USA LLC’s Cab Brace® won in the Safety category and Workhorse’s C-Series lightweight step van won in the Green category.

            Innovation Award winners were selected by a panel of editors and fleet managers from 92 eligible products entered through the Show’s New Product Spotlight program. Judges noted this year’s winning products addressed important industry issues such as improving safety, the need for greener solutions and increased efficiency in last-mile delivery.

            Storm, Morgan Olson’s new Class 2 walk-in step van, was designed as a less than 10,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) commercial-grade delivery solution for e-commerce and parcel package delivery companies facing driver shortages. It features new advanced driver safety technologies, including an ergonomic-friendly driver’s seat with a higher seated position to make it easier on delivery drivers constantly entering and exiting the vehicle during shifts. Storm’s design is so adaptable that Morgan Olson introduced two prototypes at the Show — one built on a Ford F-150 chassis and the Electric Storm powered by BMWi technology. Morgan Olson is also exploring additional Class 2 chassis partners.

Truck Safety USA LLC’s Cab Brace is a safety support mechanism for use during cab-over engine truck maintenance, specifically for fire apparatus and refuse trucks. The brace holds the cab up and out of the way from the engine compartment during maintenance. Judges noted this extra measure of protection is a game-changer for refuse truck applications because it provides added safety in case other protective mechanisms fail. With the truck cab stationed in its tilted-open position, the patent-pending Cab Brace is placed on the truck frame member, moved to wedge between the cab frame and truck frame, and tightened to engage the clamping mechanism.

Workhorse’s C-Series all-electric step vans are designed with lightweight composite bodies to significantly decrease vehicle curb weight, are 100% electric and available in 650, 1,000 and 1,200 cubic-foot sizes. Vehicles are 12,800 pounds GVWR with modular battery packs that provide expected range of 100–150 miles on a single charge, while achieving approximately 53 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent. Workhorse currently has the only patent approved for a delivery-truck-mounted drone system, shown to further increase last-mile efficiency.

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