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New York City to Deploy MAGTEC Intelligent Speed Assistance to Create Safer City Streets

| August 18, 2022

Pilot Program Spans EV, Hybrid and Gasoline Vehicles Across Nine City Agencies

MAGTEC, a provider of intelligent vehicle control systems, announced that the City of New York selected the company’s Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) technology, SafeSpeed, as part of its Vision Zero Plan to ensure safter city streets. The New York City pilot involves 50 EV, hybrid and gasoline vehicles, including 16 different makes and models, across nine agencies. This is the latest initiative to be implemented as part of New York City’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) Safe Fleet Transition Plan for city vehicles.

SafeSpeed is the only retrofittable Intelligent Speed Assistance technology that prevents speeding in both light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles. By combining speed governors with telematics, MAGTEC’s ISA technology restricts a vehicle’s maximum speed, preventing it from exceeding local speed limits. It dynamically adjusts to changing speed limits, providing an important tool to regulate and standardize safe driving among city employees.

“Preventing harm from motor vehicle crashes is a key component of Vision Zero planning and we are proud to be part of Mayor Eric Adams’ efforts to make New York one of the world’s safest cities,” said MAGTEC founder and CEO Robert Morisset. “SafeSpeed is being thoroughly tested by New York City, to demonstrate its effectiveness in vehicles ranging from sedans and pickup trucks to box trucks to dump trucks. With over 10,000 miles of testing already complete in the pilot program, we are eager to show how intelligent speed assistance can shape the future of public safety.”

SafeSpeed for Fleet Operators

In addition to preventing speeding, SafeSpeed empowers fleets with security features to intervene and take preventable action in real time. For example, fleet operators can remotely disable a stationary or a moving vehicle in the event of non-compliance, hijacking, driver impairment, or an erratic driving notification. The technology also includes a 15-second release button to help drivers adjust to unexpected conditions.

Preventing speeding helps fleet operators increase public safety and decrease risk. Lower speeds help drivers not only avoid crashes, but improve crash survivability for vehicle occupants as well as other road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. Using SafeSpeed, fleet operators can also increase fuel efficiency, reduce maintenance wear and tear costs on brakes and tires, improve insurance premiums, and lower workers compensation costs for driver injuries.

“We know from behavioral science that speeding is one of the most difficult unsafe driving behaviors to change,” said Gary Catapano, Chief Strategy and Safety Advisor at MAGTEC. “Vehicle speed is the major factor in determining if any collision is survivable and this is especially true for a crash involving a pedestrian or vulnerable road user. This is one of the main reasons some cities have worked to lower speed limits. The data shows that slowing down by even five miles per hour will make a major difference in preventing harm from these types of crashes.”

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