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PGT Trucking Pays Over $1 Million in Service Bonuses

| February 7, 2019

Retention bonuses work towards combating driver shortages

PGT Trucking rewards its drivers for tenure, commitment to safety and dedication with more than $1 million in service bonuses in 2018.

The national driver shortage has affected trucking companies across the country. PGT’s service bonus program combats the issue by rewarding drivers for loyalty, safety and hard work, and in turn, has positively influenced driver count.

“We recognize the importance of expressing our appreciation to our tenured drivers,” said Gregg Troian, President, PGT Trucking. “It truly does pay to stay, to work hard, and most importantly, to drive safe. We put these programs in place to make sure our drivers feel valued for their work, and we are certainly seeing the benefits of this investment, as our turnover rate has been reduced by 14% in the last year. We are a pay to stay company.”

Drivers are rewarded for tenure with a base bonus, and have the opportunity to multiply the amount by meeting both safety and active work status criteria. On average, the PGT fleet received $1,700, with more than half of all drivers qualifying for the safety multiplier – no CSA points, no cargo claims and no preventable accidents.

PGT Company Driver Frank Nathanson from New Jersey celebrated his ninth anniversary with the company, “PGT has great incentive programs – you make money! I have been in this industry for 17 years, and PGT sets itself apart through its focus on safety and community feel. I have found a company that works for me.”

PGT celebrates these successes by welcoming their most tenured drivers to the corporate office in Aliquippa, PA, to receive bonus checks in-person from senior management and CEO Pat Gallagher.

“Our drivers are the foundation of our business, and because of their loyalty to PGT, we have been able to grow and develop programs that foster the family atmosphere we are known for,” said Troian. “Drivers want to stay with a company where they feel appreciated, and it is very important for us to continue to invest in our drivers who work so hard in the communities we service.”

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