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Ryder to Offer Renewable Diesel in San Francisco

| May 15, 2017


Ryder has announced that it has begun to offer renewable diesel (RD) fuel, at its San Francisco, Calif. fueling facility.

According to Chris Nordh, Ryder Director for Global Fuel Products, “Not to be confused with biodiesel, RD goes through a hydrotreating process instead of a transesterification process through which an ASTM D975 compliant diesel product is created. Therefore, offering a better solution for fuel filters, elastomer seals and components, and storage tanks.”

Based on production levels and availability of RD, Ryder will continue to monitor other markets with plans for expanding this offering. The Company also plans to continually analyze market opportunities that would benefit its customers to have RD available for their fleets.

“Cities must work with the private sector to reduce carbon pollution by transforming the energy we use to move people and goods. Renewable diesel is an excellent transition fuel as we move toward our zero-emission vehicle future powered by 100% renewable energy or biofuels. San Francisco led the nation in 2015 by switching our entire municipal fleet to renewable diesel, and we’ve been engaging private and public sector fleets, including Ryder, on the benefits of renewable diesel since,” said Debbie Raphael, Director of San Francisco’s Department of the Environment.

Ryder currently has more than 100 million miles of NGV operation, 22 NGV maintenance facilities including two NGV fueling facilities in Orange and Fontana, Calif., and more than 6,200 NGV trained maintenance and support personnel across the Company’s North American service network.

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