Stoneridge Launching MirrorEye® Camera Monitor System with Volvo Trucks on Global Heavy-Duty Truck Platforms

| February 28, 2024
Stoneridge's MirrorEye® Camera Monitor System is launching on Volvo’s all-new heavy-duty truck platforms, the FH Aero and All-New VNL. (Photo courtesy of Volvo Trucks)

Industry-leading vision system technology to be featured on FH Aero, All-New VNL models

Stoneridge Inc. announced its MirrorEye® Camera Monitor System will launch on Volvo’s all-new heavy-duty truck platforms. The system will be featured on the Volvo FH Aero in Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa and the All-New VNL in North America.

Volvo’s new, energy efficient models are designed to reduce CO2 emissions, accelerating the company’s journey towards its net zero emissions target by 2040, while also offering higher levels of safety, productivity and uptime for fleets and drivers.

MirrorEye replaces traditional rear- and side-view mirrors with digital cameras and monitors, providing a broader field of view and improving safety for both the driver and surrounding road users. Additionally, the integration of MirrorEye on the FH Aero, combined with improved aerodynamics, can reduce energy consumption and emissions by five percent.

“We’re proud to support and advance Volvo’s drive to net-zero emissions,” said Jim Zizelman, president and CEO of Stoneridge. “MirrorEye significantly improves both aerodynamics and road safety, and this launch is another step in Stoneridge’s journey to provide industry leading safety and vehicle efficiency technologies.” 

The Volvo FH Aero will be rolled out market-by-market during 2024 and 2025, with a launch starting mid-year 2024, while the All-New VNL will be available with MirrorEye in early 2025. The All-New VNL application also marks the North American OE debut of MirrorEye’s independent wing design, separating the system from traditional OE mirrors, and pairing it with a smaller set of side mirrors to comply with regulations.

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