Truck Drivers Getting Older as Tenure Decreases, Survey Says

| March 24, 2014

Aging TruckersA new, eight-year industry analysis has revealed that on average, truck drivers – both male and female — are getting older and tenure at their employers is decreasing.

The survey, conducted by Sylectus, underscore a strong need for progressive technology solutions to help fleets keep their drivers in light of significant retention issues.

Some of the key findings from the analysis include:

  • The average age of male drivers went up by two years—from 46 to 48-years-old—and the average age of the females increased by three years—from 48 to 51-years-old.
  • Female drivers are about one-to-three years older than their male counterparts.
  • Post-recession, the tenure of male drivers decreased to less than two years at a carrier.
  • Similarly, the tenure of female drivers has decreased to about one year and three months. The parallel fluctuation in tenure is due in part to husband and wife teams, in which one spouse resigns after the other.
  • The driver pool remains largely male dominated, with 92 percent male drivers and just 8 percent female drivers.

“In its current state, the trucking industry is in need of a complete refresh of its recruitment efforts,” said Ellen Voie, CEO and founder of Women in Trucking. “It’s paramount that carriers start tailoring their recruiting materials and tactics to attract and retain more women to the trucking industry.”

The analysis also found that, on average, fleets will experience a fleet-wide turnover every 18 to 24 months.

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