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Vecna Robotics Rolls Out Fully Autonomous Tugger

| March 22, 2019

Tugger features auto-hitching and auto-charging capabilities

Vecna Robotics is introducing its fifth generation Tugger with auto-hitching and auto-charging capabilities. This is part of a wide range of material handling solutions built with machine learning and AI for high confidence autonomy.

The auto-charging feature will optimize power management and charging schedules through pivot.al, the world’s first multi-agent AI-based orchestration engine by Vecna, by rotating available robots as demand waxes and wanes. This will lead to the implementation of fully-automated workflows by removing the need for manual battery replacements.

The auto-hitching feature will allow operations to minimize congestion and manage more complex workflows through pivot.al by allowing trains to automatically drop-off and pick-up carts rather than wait for traffic to clear. It also relieves the facility from using a particular cart type as this feature is capable of utilizing multiple types of carts.

The New York Times and ThinkGeek recently featured the Tugger in operation at a FedEx facility. In its first year alone, Vecna deployed 40 robots within North America and is on the path to triple this number by the end of 2019.

“Our customers are excited for this feature and we’re excited to continue to provide the best solutions for workflow optimization,” said James Parker, Head of Product. “This team of engineers is dedicated to developing autonomous solutions at the highest standards in the industry.”

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