Eleos and PrePass Use OpenCab to Streamline Commercial Vehicle Operations

| June 6, 2023

Improving Fleet Efficiency and Increasing Drive Time

Eleos Technologies, a leading provider of custom mobile driver apps has partnered with PrePass Safety Alliance to integrate PrePass weigh station bypass services into the Eleos platform. The integration will enable Eleos customers to enjoy seamless access to PrePass services, including weigh station bypass and critical driver safety alerts.

Eleos and PrePass development teams worked together to build their integration using the OpenCab standard. OpenCab, an app-to-app communication protocol, enables devices like ELDs, sensors, and cameras to work seamlessly with each other without the burden of integrating and maintaining vendor SDKs.  

“We are excited to partner with PrePass, a trusted industry leader in safety and compliance solutions, to deliver a seamless experience for our customers,” said Kevin Survance, founder and CEO of Eleos. “Because we’re leveraging the simple, lightweight OpenCab protocol, I’m confident that this integration will be extremely durable and low-cost to maintain – a great benefit to our customers.”  

Mark Doughty, President and CEO of PrePass Safety Alliance, added: “We are pleased to welcome Eleos as a new PrePass integration partner. Our weigh station bypass services help trucking companies save time and money while improving safety and compliance. By integrating PrePass services into the Eleos platform, we are making it easier for fleets to access our services and maximize their benefits.”  

With this latest PrePass integration, fleets will experience increased driver satisfaction and fewer stops at weigh stations through their custom mobile driver apps which were developed on the Eleos platform. In addition to this added functionality, fleets will continue to benefit from standard platform features like truck safe navigation, real-time driver safety alerts, improved communication, hi-quality document scanning, custom workflows, and more.

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