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Into the Future of Logistics Industry

| December 9, 2019

SpendEdge Analyzes the Impact of Autonomous Vehicles in the Logistics Industry

How Will Autonomous Vehicles Impact the Logistics Industry?

SpendEdge, a leading provider of procurement market intelligence solutions, has announced the completion of their latest article on the impact of autonomous vehicles in the logistics industry.

Today, numerous technologies have evolved to alter the working of the logistics and supply chain industry. Autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars are one such invention that seems to impact the field of logistics widely. Sophisticated computer navigation, GPS technology, camera technology, and sensor technology together have made it possible for vehicles to be driven without human intervention. Moreover, bigwigs like Google and Apple are investing heavily in this technology.

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How Will Autonomous Vehicles Impact the Logistics Industry?

Improved safety

Google’s autonomous car crash in Mountain View allowed people to deduce that it’s unsafe for the logistics industry to use such technology. They failed to address the success rate where it had already driven more than 1.4 million miles without a single incident. Autonomous cars significantly improve vehicle safety and ensure that the goods reach their destination safely.

Increased efficiency

Self-driving cars are highly efficient and possess the ability to make decisions in a fraction of seconds. A little assistance from AI technology can enable the vehicle to make quick decisions and identify best travel routes to minimize time on-road, avoid traffic jams by following lanes rules, and drive at optimum speed. This can significantly improve the performance of logistics companies.

Cost savings

By now, autonomous vehicles have proved their ability to save fuel and time costs with advanced decision-making capabilities. They avoid damage costs as well as insurance costs. This allows companies to save on personnel costs which significantly forms a major part of the transportation costs.

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